Daily Links: They see me rolling

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  • Jets are on ‘same page’ about QB competition. [PFT]


Last night I made the following post. Now I'm off the ambien, but I like what I see :)

I'm on ambien right now. And it's giving me a positive feeling about the Jets. Let me write down my thoughts, and see if tommorow when the ambien effects go away if I still make any sense.

Jets - possible SuperBowl contenders:


1. Eric Decker

2. Jace Amaro

3. Chris Johnson steps it up

4. Geno continues improving

5.someone from all the rest of the WRs turns out to be special

6. Ivory don't get injured

7. Kerley plays like kerley

8. Nick Mangold and Brick don't get old

9. Colon comes back fully healed

10. Brian Winters figures it out

11.Stephen Hill finally figures it out turns out to be the real thing


1. Mo Wilks

2. Boss Hogg


4.Kenrick Ellis

5.Calvin Pryor turns out to be the real thing

6. David Harris

7. Demario Davis

8. Calvin Pace repeats 2013

9. Antonio Allen steps it up a little

10. Dee Milliner turns into a star

11. Dimitry Patterson doesn't get injured

12. Coples plays to the level he is capable of.

13. Antwan Barnes gets healed

14. Kyle Wilson plays elite slot corner (as he's been doing for years.

Is it crazy to be optimistic that there's a possibility we can go deep in the playoffs this year?

In my ambien induced optimism, I say it's possible!

Alec Wilson
Alec Wilson

will the Jets secondary improve....in a word yes, Millner will develop, good kick in the butt from Rex for him though, he needs to stay on the field, the other CB, no matter who it is will be better, cromartie was shocking last year, and I love the safety position, lots of folk expected the Jets to sign a CB/WR in first round, but they got Prior which might have seemed strange but it revolves around the change in offences around the NFL and it just gives the Jets so much more flexibility


Last night I saw RB coach Anthony Lynn at a bar in Long Island City. I had a laundry list of questions for him, but decided to let him enjoy himself without some fan asking him about Rex's favorite beer or who pulls the most @$$ on the team.


For new guys, this is when you expect the practices to be ugly.  It is fine for problems to arrise in OTA's.  That's what they are for, finding they areas that you need to improve/focus on. 

Now we have 3 months to focus on conditioning and the playbook and chemestry with teammates(whitch we were expecting to do anyway).

Sounds like we are right on track.

Disgruntled Jets Fan
Disgruntled Jets Fan

PFF hasn't actually posted the Jets depth chart, right? Looks like they're only up to New Orleans, so we should be next.

Brian Serviss
Brian Serviss

Who in the AFC East will cover him like white on rice besides MAYBE someone from the Dolphins?


@Alec Wilson 

Agreed.  Millner, Patterson, Ras-I, Wilson, Pryor, Landry, Allen, Bush, McDougle, Walls, Jarrett.

Sounds like the secondary is stacked, not a weakness.


@jetlife I'm sure he would have loved discussing a "laundry list" of questions with some drunken fool on his night off. 



Cro is gone, so we will have a new leader in the clubhouse.

Bent moderator

@Disgruntled Jets Fan They've summarized it in their insider article, but the full breakdown should be today (along with the Giants) and we intend to link up to and analyze accordingly.


@brian .....which is why I let him be? What's your problem.


@a57se @jetlife No regrets...I don't believe in jerseys or autographs, let alone bothering a man on his night out.


@NYCPEinGermany @tsjc68 @jsadolph @Alec Wilson 

Isn't it strange that everyone is fine with the fact that Reed probably won't sign till just before camp, if he signs.  And it is OK with most people that he is not with the team for OTA's.

But if you say another Vet is going to miss OTA's and will definatly be ready for Camp, they say he is under conditioned and is hurting himself and his teammates by not being here.(see Colon, Willly)  LaDanian never went to OTA's and he turned out OK.