De-Emphasizing Wide Receiver … For Now …

How important is it for the Jets to fill the wide receiver spot in free agency?  Not very, according to the NY Post’s Brian Costello, who shares his reasoning on why the wide receiver position is one that needs to take a backseat to other spots on the roster.

I have this position as a lower priority than a lot of people. That isn’t because I think the Jets are set at wide receiver. It’s just that they have so many other needs and are kind of locked into their personnel here. The Jets are stuck with Holmes for this year and they just invested a second-round pick in Hill last year. I don’t see them giving up on Hill already. That gives you two starting receivers and Kerley is a good slot receiver.

Instead, I think the Jets look to add some depth to the position with a mid-level free agent signing or a late draft pick. I also think they bring Edwards back to be their fourth receiver.

Brian Bassett,

Schilens should not return, he added almost no value that Edwards couldn’t replace and outdo easily.  I would agree with the overall assessment that the Jets just don’t have the resources to go after a position like WR when offensive line and QB is more pressing.  I think that the Jets would be best served by finding one of the many players in this draft class that will run well into the fourth or even fifth round in terms of finding productive players in year one.

I think that everything hinges on whatever the Jets do with Holmes.  There was that “threat” that the team might cut him … but I don’t think that would be likely until after the 2013 season.  If the Jets cut him, then they would lose out on the cap space as well as the potential production … better to try and get him to restructure in the meantime and if not say goodbye in 2014.

Bringing back Edwards makes a lot of sense.  I liked some of the progress Hill made at the end of the 2012 season right before his injury, but he didn’t do enough to prove that he should be the only one taking reps at the #2 receiver spot.  I think he will benefit from a healthy Holmes. a productive Kerley and a quarterback who knows how to play his position.