Final Score: 27 Chargers – 17 Jets

Up until the end of the third quarter, it was the game that the team’s coach wanted; turnover free, emphasis on setting up the run, and a defense that slowed an opponent.

The problem of course is that when you have to run that sort of a game with a first-time starter at the quarterback spot, an opponent will dare that youngster to win the game. Playing from behind is tough for such a team, and today proved as much.

The Rundown:

McElroy was sacked eleven times and hit countless more before his late interception. While he might not have lit it up, credit McElroy for playing inside himself and when he did throw it, being decisive with the football. Something we’ve not seen from Sanchez most of the season. Still, McElroy had to be smarter about throwing it away.

The Jets broke out the Horned Frog Cat again, and it had some good moments … maybe moreso than the Tebow spread did in a game for game comparison?

Quinton Coples had his second multi-sack game. Imagine how much better he’ll be when he learns how to keep his hands away from a QBs face next year. Also, Mo had himself a solid game … it’s going to be fun to watch these two over the next five years.