Final Score: Jets 9 – Bills 28


Was it more than we expected? Did the offense make us proud? Did Mark Sanchez do anything to change our minds? Like him or hate him, did Tim Tebow get a fair shake? Did the defense disappoint in the face of further offensive ineptitude? Did the Jets try to end Westhoffs tenure on a high note?

The answer is an obvious no.

Prior to the game, Westhoff told the pregame radio broadcast that a successful and a failing team are closer to each other than one might think.

Are they? Can the Jets make a few simple changes and truly challenge the royalty of the AFC East? Are we just a few simple changes away?

All we can do now is wait til September …

The Rundown:

The Jets played for pride and were humbled. The offense put the defense in a hole and Mark Sanchez was never able to marshall a comeback. The Jets ended the game with a putrid offensive performance only getting chances for field goals.

I am going to say something about Mo Wilkerson. It’s going to be controversial, and it’s going to be crazy. But at this pace, I think Wilkerson could be an Albert Haynesworth in Tennessee type of player.

The Jets again lost their last three of the season and a bad Buffalo Bills was the team to do it. It’s amazing how the Bills games have book ended the season for the Jets. One so full of promise and power, that ended so painfully and incompetently.

It’s hard to know what else to write. I watched this whole game, but it was so bland and nondescript that I can’t really even think of what else to make note of.