Five to Watch: Jets @ Steelers

Brian Bassett ,

Five things to watch for this weekend in the Jets-Steelers game.

1) Life Without Revis — Missing one of the centerpieces of the defense is going to be hard for the Jets but they are going to have to play through it and the man in the spotlight will be Kyle Wilson.  More than likely Revis would have drawn Brown or Sanders in coverage as Cromartie is best suited for Mike Wallace’s style of play, so it’s going to be up to Wilson to stop Roethlisberger’s secondary options in the passing game.

2) Hold the Line — The Jets offensive line looked pretty good in their first week with a new starter, but Dick LeBeau has been a coach in the NFL for a long time for a reason.  LeBeau is known for his intricate fire-zone blitzes and the Jets better stay on their toes, even if James Harrison can’t go for the Steelers.

3) Defensive Front — The Jets didn’t get the pressure with their front players last week against a cagey scrambler in Ryan Fitzpatrick.  The Steelers offensive line might have trouble, but their quarterback doesn’t seem to mind pressure.  With Revis out for the game, the Jets DL has to get the job done by getting Roethlisberger on the run and making incompletions or sacks because of it.  Hopefully with Sione back the Jets will be better able to do this in both run and pass situations.

4) Hot Corner — The Jets did a great job against a Bills secondary last week that has been opportunistic, but this week Sanchez might get a chance to challenge their opposing corners again in Ike Taylor and Keenan Lewis.  Look for the Jets to challenge the cornerbacks who struggled last week, but keep in mind that they were facing Peyton Manning.

5) Back to Basics — The Jets would be wise to commit to the run on the Steelers, especially if Polamalu can’t go for the game.  The Jets were much more successful in the air last week, and teams might start to walk their safeties back some now that they’ve seen what the Jets are capable of – that will leave the running game prone to attack.