Game Recap: Jets 17 – Jaguars 10

For the Jets, this was a must-have game, but not for the playoffs necessarily (while that is a possibility) it was for the viability of Mark Sanchez.  The Jaguars are a bad football team and are bad defensively too, so while many of us expected fireworks from the Jets offense, they might not have delivered, but they delivered results — albeit with a few hiccups.  The key to those results?  Hide Mark Sanchez as much as possible and let the  offensive line and running backs lead the way.

The Rundown;

Less Than Twenty — Congratulations Mark Sanchez, you stayed within the confines of the offense, didn’t try to do too much, and were limited in throwing the ball to less than twenty times and it all led to a victory.  Granted it wasn’t pretty and it bears noting that this is not a good defense and for Sanchez to look as pedestrian as he did is not that heart-warming, but aside from the strip-sack by Babin he played a pretty level game.

Hill’s Injury — The reaction that Stephen Hill had to the injury he sustained early in the second quarter was painful to watch and you have to imagine could be very serious.   Nothing is known yet, but the Jets historically supply more information on injuries like that on Mondays after a game.  Keep your fingers crossed, that it wasn’t as serious as it looked, but his season could be over.

I Think You Hear Me Coming — Bilal Powell had 19 carries for 78  yards and a score.  Shonn Greene had 20 carries for 77 yards and a score.  Powell might not be the second coming of Walter Payton, but for him to split the carries evenly with Shonn Greene is a sign of things to come.  That Shonn Greene, in the prime of his career is getting his carries split for a back that’s more like him than not is very telling.  While the Jets running game is getting some longer gains than they ever were earlier in the season, there’s still room for improvement if they can mix in more dynamic runners like a Joe McKnight (once he can clear his injury issues).

The Hitman Returns — There’s been a lot of questions raised about David Harris and the sort of impact he can have at the pricetag he’s costing the Jets, but today was one of those days where you see what his value can be to this team.  10 tackles, one sack, one pass defensed and two QB hits.  Quite a game from him at a time where the defense might be beating up on some bad teams, but is doing some impressive work on third downs specifically.

BeastMo and QueCeaser — The two top draft picks from the last draft class combined for five quarterback hits during the game.  It’s impressive to see the sort of pressure that the young linemen are getting on the interior of the line at times, and you can see the plan that Rex Ryan has to build out his front seven in play.  I’d like to see Rex stick around to help rebuild this front seven after the changes that are going to need to be made this coming offseason, and to that end to keep the progress moving of players like Wilkerson and Coples.