Geno Smith will start Sunday

Geno Smith said he was told by quarterback coach David Lee that he will start on Sunday against the Raiders.

Update – 4:45 pm: Smith will be the starter, Rex Ryan said.

Smith was benched to start the second half against the Dolphins in favor of Matt Simms.

“I’ve got to get my act together,” Smith said.

Brian Bassett,

Geno has been straight up bad for the last seven games and this decision wouldn’t be the first or last mismanagement of quarterbacks by a Rex Ryan coaching staff. Still, for Geno to succeed in the NFL he needs more talent around him, but is anyone convinced that he’s the right man to be the starter for this team for the next three, five, ten years? Maybe starting Geno at this point is more about observing whether he can progress enough to stave off serious consideration of a rookie in the 2014 NFL Draft class.

It sounds strange to say, but this organization seems to hold the quarterback position almost in too high a regard.

Yes, the quarterback spot is a distinct and special position aside from any other in football. But the coaching staff and front office should save the pomp and circumstance about the signal caller until they find someone worthy of the trappings of the office.