Geno Smith’s Ability to Play QB Questioned

Whether you care for unnamed sources or not, Jason Cole wrote a scathing article published today on Yahoo! which will generate a lot of talk over the next few days in which unnamed execs slam the Jets new quarterback, Geno Smith for his pride, his inability to lead and why EJ Manuel was drafted before he was.

Brian Bassett,

A top-rated quarterback whom everyone expects to get drafted in the top half of the first round doesn’t just “drop” to 39th overall for no reason. ¬†Idzik has already said that he is not going to rush Smith and that’s the right call … but we’ll see whether his competition can mount a challenge.

Because the Jets picked Smith, they’re obviously banking on the chance that he could work out in the long-term, but for the cost of investing a second round pick, the Jets won’t be so financially stuck if they decide to move on early unlike the situation with Mark Sanchez.

Smith has a lot of doubters right now, but it’s going to be how he responds to the adversity that will determine whether or not he can be more than the brooding, shrinking violet he’s portrayed as in this Yahoo! hatchet job.