GM Watch: Ummm … Where Exactly Are We?

Brian Bassett ,

The Jets GM search continues, and yesterday Jay Glazer said on Fox that the Jets “can’t give the job away” and they are reaching back to candidates that have “already turned them down.”

Harsh barley, brah …

If the Jets can’t give away the job then, then why hasn’t Bent got the call?  Can you answer that Mr. Jay Glazer sirrrr?

While Glazer’s remarks are a little cutting, they imply that the Jets are asking people who they’ve offered the job to previously to reconsider.  Hmm …

Today though it sounds as if that sentiment from Glazer is not in balance.  Agent and former Pro Scouting Director Mike McCartney wrote on Twitter that he’s talked to a lot of people who would love the job.  Peter King wrote that the Jets were willing to give $1 million in a housing allowance to former candidate David Caldwell.  While housing allowances might be pretty standard fare, it obviously had an impression on King otherwise he would not have written about it.

No matter where the team is, it sounds as if the team is pressing on and here’s a few names Adam Schefter had yesterday that the Jets might be in the midst of meeting with for a second time.

Jerry Angelo — Angelo has helped to build two organizations in Tampa and Chicago but fell on hard times in the last few years in Chicago.  Angelo’s known as a great personnel evaluator and one of the few candidates with GM experience.  Still with the way he was run out of Chicago over multiple issues, the big question will be as to whether he’s part of the old guard or could learn from how things ended in Chicago.

Scott Cohen — Cohen has impressed and has been reported that he will be in the next round of interviews.  Cohen might be a competent candidate, but he’s going to be a tough sell to the Jets fanbase because  he’s been inside the organization since 2008 and was guy who was in charge of talent evaluation for the former GM.  If the Jets are looking to change things up, how would Cohen be the right move? His hiring would also mean that the cabal that’s currently running the show would continue on status quo.

Omar Khan — The de facto GM for Bill Cowher during Cowher’s days in Pittsburgh and the team’s capologist, Khan has a wealth of experience inside one of the best run organizations in the NFL.  While he’s not the personnel evaluator type that the Jets seemed to have set out to get, it doesn’t mean he’d be a bad candidate … it just means he’d be one that would rely on someone to assist in the talent evaluation area.

The Wildcards?

Brian Gaine? — It’s unconfirmed, but our understanding is that Gaine was interviewed at the end of the work week, and then Woody Johnson’s private plane (which hadn’t been wheels up since giving Caldwell a free trip to New Jersey) landed for about 4 hours yesterday in South Florida before returning home.  Was this a second interview? Was it a pushback of the first?  No one seems to know for sure what the purpose of the visit to Florida yesterday was …

Random Miscellany

Enter the Sundquist — Ted Sundquist is a name who was going to have to turn up sooner or later and we had imagined he might with the Jets. It appears as if Sundquist was one of mystery candidates this past week.  Sundquist ran the personnel for Shannahan in Denver and would be used to working with strong willed coaches.  He’s competent and capable and has long experience in pro personnel.

Never Did I — Per Rich Cimini, the Jets never interviewed Russ Ball (Packers) or Jim Popp (Montreal Alouettes)

House of Caldwells — Rich Cimini gave his opionion on what he thought the news of the $1 million housing allowance meant to the Jets writing that “it’s highly likely the Jets were hoping to have their new GM in place before the highly anticipated news conference.”  Based on what I was privy to a week ago, I would agree.  The Jets wanted to have an answer by the time that they held their Tuesday conference and had all their ducks in a row … the problem of course might be that the unspoken assumption is that Woody’s insistence on keeping Rex might have been problematic.

Michael Stewart
Michael Stewart

If the Giants wait after June 1 they can release the following players and save $12,675M

 Player              Dead Money                Cap Savings

Jon Beason           $2.366M                   $4,325M

J. D Walton              $625K                    $3M

McClain                    $300K                    $3.1M

Jennings                   $525K                    $2.25M

Another thought here: should the Giants consider signing a CB for $3M per year and release Prince Amukamara after June 1; which would cost nothing in dead money and save them $6,989M in cap savings.

Michael Frias
Michael Frias

I am shocked that Skook wasn't on here complaining about the $2+ million in "Dead money" this move creates.


Jonas they are moving on from Kiwi because he is too injured to even think about playing again soon and because they need the $ to sign a player who will produce.  if he was healthy they would have asked him to take another pay cut and stay.