Here’s a short clip from John Idzik’s presser yesterday, talking trade philosophy, blah, blah, blah:

GSN: John Idzik – 4/17/13

Raymond Henry D'Amore
Raymond Henry D'Amore

OT with tons of upside Isaiah Battle was cut by the Rams. He's extremely young and had off the field issues in college. We need all the potential we can get on the OLINE. Missing out on La'el Collins also hurt us.

Another player cut that I think could help us is huge TE Joseph Fauria who was cut by DET.

He's only 25 and he's a huge target at 6'7. Wouldn't mind him with Donnell

Jeff Comerford
Jeff Comerford

Personally, I think that Parker must have inherited the same photos that kept Sinorice Moss around for years.  I think Parker is terrible, and am stunned that they kept him.  I think it was a mistake to cut Jones - but couldn't they have gotten a 7th rounder from Green Bay for him?

Anthony Kunjbehari
Anthony Kunjbehari

Conspiracy theory - they've cut salary (McClain, Hyno, Weatherford) to take some on in a trade. Here's looking your way Kam Chancellor. He would look great in BLUE! 


Cutting the only player who has played in the McAdoo offense multiple years and led the NFL in yards  and TDs is odd, I know Parker is a good KR, but why did we spend $20M on Harris then?  With that $20M they could have signed Antrel Rolle six times over!!!!   They could have gotten Iupati to anchor the O-Line, Orakpo to be an upgraded Beason, and guys still out there like Jake Long and Alden Smith who would  cost vet minimum.

Do they value Davis more as a WR than  Parker?  I find it hard to believe the UConn rookie would have been kept over Jones a guy who  can step in for  Cruz as he is  not going to start the season, i bet week 3 is when we see him and he may be another Steve Smith and lose all  cutting ability that  made both of  them 100 reception guys.

Geremy Davis must be the real  deal.


Never been less interested in the start of a Giant season.  The recent SB wins have skewed the overall view of this team and management.  I will not stop saying it--Reese has been terrible since taking over as GM. He had one decent draft in, but even that is just judged on the fact that the players he drafted were actually on the SB team.  Only on or two actually impacted the season.  When was the last time he found a healthy defensive player that lasted and lead this defense?  Or an offensive lineman?

Hopefully, this is the year there are major shakeups on and off the field.  The Eli era is coming to an end.  As is the Coughlin era.  I am tired of following a team out of the playoff picture by week 6.



I'm not a fan of REESE, and i do think he is the problem.

His Super Athletic formula of drafting is awful,

His Project Player picks, wasted roster slot's & set back the GIANTS years.

His ignorance towards the LBer Corp's is pure gross Negligence.

His over paid, back ended FA contracts are crippling to the Sal Cap & youth development.

He watched the O-Line disintegrate, and acted to slowly to rebuild. we are still rebuilding the O-Line since 2011. 4 Years later !!!

REESE has become reactionary, instead of Proactive.

But his 1st & 2nd round drafting is very good.

2015 LT Flowers & S Collins

2014 WR Beckham & C Richburg

2013 RT/LG Pugh & DT Big Hank

2012 ***RB Wilson & WR Randle

2011 CB Price & ***DT Austin

2010 DE jpp & DT Linval Joseph

2009 WR Nicks & ***LB Sintim & LT/RT Beatty

2008 S Phillips & CB T2

2007 DB Ross & WR Steve Smith

really only 3 Busts, RB Wilson, DT Austin & LB Sintim

his 3rd round drafting is less than 20%

His 4th round to 7th round drafting is Very AWFUL,

but did hit 5th round gold in 2014: LB Devon Kennard

and the complete 2015 Draft Class could have made the 53.

1. LT Flowers

2. S Collin

3. DE OO

5. FS/CB Mykkele Thompson, was looking great until Injury.

6. WR Geremy Davis, looks like a winner & making the 53.

7. RT/RG Hart, very promising looks like he makes the 53.

REESE's vision to NOT extend ELI before the 2015 Draft, completely delusional, is Piss Poor Management,  and has cost the NYG greatly.

...i just don't think Mara with get rid of REESE, so get used to it.

BTW, ELI & TC, are not the Problem.


The list of Reese's draft busts is long and inglorious.  Robinson just another reach on a player that actually proved nothing in college.

Brian Webster
Brian Webster

What do you know the Giants final cut "the JPP of TEs"  & just when that moniker may actually be accurate now too LOL

Raymond Henry D'Amore
Raymond Henry D'Amore

Wow. Can't believe they cut Jones. He's a vet and actually looked really good.

Hyno is a beast. Gonna miss him