Injury Report: 2012 Week 3 Jets @ Dolphins

Brian Bassett ,

So far this season, the Jets have struggled to stay healthy when it comes to their starters and key role players.  The good news though is that many of the players who have been injured to this point, are starting to get well again.  The good news is that Wilkerson’s absence was an excused one so it looks like there’s no reason he won’t be ready to go Sunday.

Out: T Dennis Landolt (knee) — Landolt is still recovering from his injury during training camp, and the fact that the Jets are still holding out hope that he’ll be well soon enough to warrant a roster spot is notable.  Look to see if Landolt doesn’t start slowly making his way back into practice over the next few weeks.

Doubtful: RB John Conner (knee), LB Bryan Thomas (hamstring) — based on what was being reported this week in Florham Park, don’t expect to see John Conner playing for the Jets this weekend. It’s disappointing that Connor won’t be able to go this weekend because the Jets will need as many other bloggers as possible to face off against the stout Dolphins defensive line.  Reuland will take over much of Conner’s reps this weekend in Miami.  As far as Thomas, we’ll have to see but I wouldn’t expect him to play this weekend.  Thomas has been a great player for the jets, but his injuries dating back to last season are starting to make it easy for the jets to move forward with new personnel at the spot.  Garrett McIntyre had a passable game last week and seems to be getting more comfortable with more time in the lineup.

Questionable:  TE Dustin Keller (hamstring), CB Ellis Lankster (back) — it sounds like Ryan will be making a decision today on whether Keller will be go no go for tomorrow’s game, so Keller is unable to play then look for Dedrick Epps to be activated on his behalf.  Epps of course played for Sparano last year in a limited basis in Miami and so has more familiarity with the offense and the jargon than other players at his level might.  Ellis Lankster could go tomorrow, but I do think that Revis’s availability could influence the team’s need of him.  If Revis does in fact play, the team might be more confident in giving Ellis some rest.  If for some unforeseen reason Revis doesn’t play, then they’ll need Lankster that much more.