Introducing: Andrew Johnston’s Instagram Awesomeness

Andrew Johnston: “Yes or No : The @nyjets will out score the #Dolphins this weekend? #tjb #nyjets #jets @snytv.”

We’re very excited to offer up a new feature here on the blog.

Andrew Johnston works for SNY with the television crew out at the facility most every day and travels to all the Jets games and has agreed to let us to use his awesome Instagram photos on the blog to share some VERY behind the scenes looks of the Jets on a regular basis.

Andrew is passionate about getting this sort of content into your hands and hopes you enjoy it. ¬†Andrew is a fantastically accomplished photographer and we’ve followed him on Instagram since training camp and trust us … you’re in for a treat!

Our thanks to Andrew for helping us out and we look forward to great photos we can share all season long!  Please give him a warm welcome in the comments!

Andrew Johnston: Twitter // Instagram