Isiah Trufant signs with Cleveland

CB Isiah Trufant will sign with the Browns (Wilson, March 12).

Trufant had played 39 games with the Jets over his four seasons in football, with 35 total tackes.

Brian Bassett,

When the Jets signed Lankster back Isaiah Trufant’s status on the team went into question.  While Trufant saw more time on defense than Lankster, expect the Jets to pick up the reps between Lankster and possibly Aaron Berry should he return to the team.

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All the best to "hitgirl" (TM Bassett)

Funny, he'll be in Cleveland where Pettine will likely decide between him, Julian Posey and Royce Adams for a roster spot.  The more things change...

Luke Swenson
Luke Swenson

Aw man =/ I liked Trufant...I'll always remember that blocked punt TD against the cowboys