Jets ‘actively’ shopped Revis at NFL combine

Jets GM John Idzik may not have found time to meet with Darrelle Revis’ agents at the NFL Combine last week, but a source said he did manage to squeeze in Revis trade talk with multiple teams in Indianapolis, Gary Myers of the New York Daily News reports.

Despite the damage control talk from Idzik and Rex Ryan in Indy about how much they value Revis, the source told the Daily News on Tuesday that Idzik was “actively” shopping Revis at the combine, and interested teams are now doing their homework on what it would take to get Revis signed to a new contract if they can satisfy the Jets with compensation.

Teams historically use the combine in February to set the groundwork for deals that eventually get done before the draft in late April. Revis’ recovery from ACL surgery could push the timetable back for a potential trade until the summer. If he is healthy and re-establishes himself as not only the best shutdown corner in the league but also the best defensive player in the NFL, he’s worth two first-round draft choices.

The source said the word around the NFL is the Revis trade talk is at the directive of Johnson. Even so, Idzik, the rookie GM, is in a final say decision-making role for the first time in his 20-year career in NFL front offices and his Jets tenure may eventually be defined by how he handles this delicate situation.

Idzik was asked at the combine if he would listen to offers for Revis. He provided an answer that was not limited to Revis.

“We will always field calls and always have internal discussions about how we can improve our team day-to-day, position-by-position,” he said. “That’s an ongoing process.”

Update: CBS’ Clark Judge suggests the 49ers make a run at Darrelle Revis after reportedly acquiring the No. 34 pick in the Alex Smith trade.

A team source “didn’t rule out” the Eagles making a run at Jets CB Darrelle Revis [CSN Philly]


Eli / SD - it was a brilliant move by Accorsi.......everyone got what they wanted, especially Archie Manning who is rarely mentioned in all of this...Archie orchestrated this with Accorsi and who know, maybe even SD......SD wanted the xtra picks and drafted Eli instead of just drafting Rivers outright, who, I'm not sure was considered a # 1 pick... all the pieces fell in place but Archie needs to get some love here too....he was calling all of Eli's was a chess game......Rivers is a very talented QB but Accorsi saw that Eli had 'it'.....that certain 'thing'.....that championship quality.....I have been very proud of Eli and he has really shown everyone what he's made of......his performances in both SB's was exceptional, especially in both 4th quarters - but for me, his true grit was there for everyone to see with the hits he took from the ferocious 49'ers in the NFC Championship game 3 years ago......with his exposed pad, turned chin strap and turf in the ear....I was most proud of him at that time.....he carried the whole team ......this is what Accorsi saw in him......   

Michael Frias
Michael Frias

@thom  Last night, at least, Eli made it sound like it was his choice not to play for SD, and Archie more or less volunteered to take all the heat for it.  It was explained as a father protecting his kid one last time before he went off into adulthood.

Jeff Comerford
Jeff Comerford

Key takeaway from yesterday's town hall is that Eli is a really funny guy.  Not a lot of tangible info provided.

Another funny exchange, was when a kid asked Eli who he hated to get hit by?  Elis' first response was that he hated to get hit by anyone.  But one person that was rough, is no longer in the division - DeMarcus Ware.  He then responded that DeMarcus used to always run by David Diehl (who was sitting on the panel) and get hits on him......

Let's face it, he was never going to mention someone currently in the division (and provide locker room bb material), but it was funny watching him through Diehl under a bus.....

Michael Frias
Michael Frias

@Jeff Comerford  I was there as well, and it was pretty cool to see him not roll out the same old clichéd answers that he would usually give the media, and be a little more candid.  I feel like the only time he really buttoned up and went into defense mode was when the last guy asked him about forcing the trade from San Diego on draft day.


@Michael Frias @Jeff Comerford

Strange 3:00am Vegas craps table story:

this Chick who is a Charges Fan tells this story:

that the Chargers where awful for a long time. and the GM Passes away of cancer; the Chargers promote  AJ Smith, from in-house to GM; AJ wants to shop the #1 pick for a few Draft pick's, to rebuild SD with his players. but really like Rivers.

Then ELI say he doesn't want to play for the Chargers.

But, AJ is going to draft QB Rivers. no big deal.

Then the NYG's call and wanna make a trade, so they can draft ELI.

AJ strings the GIANTS along.

On Draft Day AJ want's way too much, that he's on the phone with Accorsi, when SD Drafts ELI.

AJ asks Accorsi who you gonna draft, Accorsi says, Big Ben, AJ says, thats a shame, We liked Rivers better. and hangs-up.

Accorsi Drafts Rivers and Calls AJ Smith and gives him what he wanted.... ASAP.

.... take it for what it is.

Jeff Comerford
Jeff Comerford

@Skookaloop @Michael Frias @Jeff Comerford we'll never know if it is true - but it is a great story......

Still think even with all the Giants gave up - they got the better of the trade.  Rivers has played on better teams than Eli - yet Eli has 2 SB wins...

Michael Frias
Michael Frias

@Jeff Comerford @Skookaloop @Michael Frias  And, while Merrimen and Keading had OK careers, the picks they gave up didn't amount to much.

No doubt in my mind though that Acorsi drafted Rivers knowing that he was trading him for Eli.  No way does he take him unless the trade is already in place.  According to Acorsi, and pretty much every other story I've heard, it was Eli or Ben the whole time.


@Michael Frias @Jeff Comerford @Skookaloop

Accorsi tell it much different.

Accorsi says, he was friends with AJ, and had been buttering him up since march.

then right before the draft, AJ say he wants OSI in the package.

Accorsi say " Deal Killer " and hang's up.

a sports writer tells Accorsi the morning of the draft, that AJ is going to pick ELI and call him when the GIANTS are on the clock.

SD, picks ELI,

When it's the GIANTS pick, the phone rings, but it's the Brown's, Accorsi is about to trade the #4 pick for the Browns #6 pick & 2nd Round #6.

because he thinks the SD, ELI Deal is dead.

Accorsi is worried the Browns want to Trade-up for ELI, then the phone rings and it's AJ.

Accorsi & AJ make the trade.


@Jeff Comerford @Skookaloop @Michael Frias

Yeah, it was just a great Story, 

Accorsi story is much different.  But Accorsi gave an interview on NFL network, where he says " he was going to pick, Big Ben, but he knew that SD liked Rivers better. "

.. so her story has that part right....