Jets are Paintballin So Hard


Brian Bassett,

As was widely discussed on everywhere yesterday, the Jets participating in a team-bonding activity when everyone went out to play paintball.  We’ve not heard who won and lost yet, but can we agree that Vladimir Ducasse was one of the first to get taken out by opposing teams?

Our man Doug Farrar might have been first to the most obvious joke in retrospect …

Kidding aside, according to Connor Orr of the Star-Ledger, the event was “team-sanctioned” but was voluntary in nature.  From what we can tell on Twitter and Vine, it looks like most of the players attended.

There was more content to be found on social media, but much of the content was deleted because as happens on the internet, people took the team activity too seriously. Personally, I think this is just the sort of even that the team needed to remove the spectre of Darrelle and the team’s 6-10 season. Ryan is well known for trying to foster chemistry among his players and this looks like another example of this.

From what we could see on Vine and elsewhere, players had a fun time, Cromartie was notably present among the troops riling things up and on the whole, we think this is innocent fun and a good event for the Jets to engage in. There’s only so much film to watch and weights to lift at the end of the day.