Jets sign Ed Reed

The Jets officially announced they have signed Ed Reed.

He will be on the practice field with the team on Thursday.

(TheJetsBlog’s own Jake Steinberg got the story first.)

Brian Bassett,

First, Reed’s play will help to level out a secondary that has been inconsistent this season.  With young players and a less experienced and athletic safety position, the Jets haven’t been as effective as they have in years past against WR2s, slot receivers and tight ends.  Reed might be near the end of his career, but his versatility, knowledge of the defense and ballhawking will improve the unit as a whole, even if his role just starts with the team for a few weeks situationally.

Second, this is also a win for the Jets because assuming there was interest from the Patriots, that Ed Reed would choose the Jets over them is a feather in the cap for the Jets and their coaching staff.  This is just one more confirmation that defensive players love playing in Ryan’s scheme and that given the chance to sign with the division leader that Reed would sign with his old coach to give the Jets a better shot at making a real postseason run.