New York Jets trade for Chris Ivory

Chris IvoryThe New York Jets traded for Chris Ivory, sending their fourth round draft pick this year to New Orleans.

Ivory has 1,307 yards in 24 games over three seasons with the Saints, averaging 5.1 yards per carry.

He scored 8 touchdowns while with New Orleans.

The Jets and Ivory are currently working on a long-term contract, according to Adam Schefter at the NFL Draft. Schefter said he expects the deal to be completed soon. Ivory signed a one-year restricted free agent tender for $2 million with the Saints, earlier this offseason.

Brian Bassett,

Whoa nelly! This isn’t the Curtis Martin pilfering from New England revisited, but it’s a good move.

Ivory was stuck on the Saints depth chart behind two other players and in New York he could become the team’s early down back.  He’s a punishing running back and pairing that with the shiftiness of Mike Goodson … has me looking forward to the revamped run attack of the Jets.  Goodson and Ivory will make a nice one-two punch and Bilal Powell can fill in the gaps should either player need a blow.

With apologies to Shonn Greene’s erstwhile nickname with the Jets, since Don Cheadle was hanging in the SNY studios today, I’ll get a little sacrosanct and even say that Chris Ivory is the true War Machine to Mike Goodson’s Iron Man.

Corey Griffin,

There’s two things you need to know. One, Ivory runs ANGRY. Two, he tends to get hurt – so much so that New Orleans limited his carries and his role because they worried about his body holding up to the pounding of a regular workload. That’s a big concern and it’s why I wouldn’t rush to judgment regarding what this move means for Bilal Powell. While Powell isn’t the pounder Ivory is, he’s a jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none type that stands to be a solid backup to the Ivory-Mike Goodson duo.

The Jets are expected to sign Ivory to a long-term deal, which should carry with it some solid injury protection language. However, when he’s on the field, he has the potential to be a better running back than anyone the Jets have put on the field since Thomas Jones. However, potential never won any games and there’s reason to be concerned about Ivory beyond the injuries. He excelled in an offense that forced teams to almost allow the run in order to protect against Drew Brees and the passing game. Also, a fourth-round pick is a little high for a career backup with injury concerns, but then again, Ivory is a better prospect than anyone that would’ve been available by the time the Jets picked.

In the end, the Jets made a definite upgrade to their offensive backfield but paid a decent price to do so. If Ivory and Goodson are healthy, the Jets could have the solid 1-2 punch they’ve been eyeing for years.