Jets Translations: Week 15 loss to Carolina

Nep Oznat
Nep Oznat

Can we stop with the "oh, you're gonna get that with a rookie Quarterback" excuses please?  

This is game 14, almost a full season has been played!  That was a great excuse in Week 1 or 3 or 5 but this is at a point where we are seeing Geno and what he is capable of, not "a rookie QB".  When he stares down receivers, it's because that is all he can do, not what a " rookie " does.  If he can't read defenses, it's what he IS and NOT because he is a "rookie".  In Year 2 he is not going to be that much different.  

Everybody kept saying the team needs a full year to see what he is all about.  Well that year is basically over.  A 16 game evaluation is not going to be any different that a 14 game evaluation.