Landing Spots for an Ailing Quarterback?

Brian Bassett ,

Rumors broke last night that the Jets are interested in trading Mark Sanchez this offseason. Any trade that involves Mark Sanchez will be one that the Jets make just to move on from the player. In such a move, they would eat most of his salary ($6 million sounds reasonable) and they might only get a Day Three pick (I’d guess a sixth) in return for their efforts.  Many teams might be interested in Sanchez as a backup for $2 million if the Jets eat most of his salary.  Teams like the Cowboys, Texans, Bears, Steelers and others immediately come to mind as teams looking to bolster their backup position in the offseason with younger, but experienced veterans who have won games.

But as far as a starter?  There’s only a limited group of teams that would be interested in considering him with that in mind from day one.  It obviously stands to reason that teams more willing to trade for Sanchez would be the ones who wanting to use him as a starter.

Arizona — It’s clear that the Cardinals have quarterback issues this season, but the risk here is who will be pulling the strings after the season ends?  It’s more than likely Whisenhunt is on the hot seat, and maybe on the Bidwell’s frugality will save him.  The Cardinals will most likely look to make some changes this offseason, but they’ve already tried out their USC quarterback in recent years (Matt Leinart) so it’s fair to ask if they’d go back to the well again.  The Jets have worked with the Cardinals before on a trade (Kerry Rhodes) and so it might breed more trust in such a trade.
Possibility: Likely

Kansas City — Kansas City is a flaming wreck.  It’s hard to imagine that RAC comes back next season and depending on who is brought in, they might be looking for a new quarterback to replace Cassel and Quinn.  The Chiefs have been willing to try castoffs like Quinn before … would they do it again with Sanchez?
Possibility: Somewhat likely

Jacksonville — It might seem counter-intuitive as the home of Tim Tebow, but between Henne and Gabbert the Jagaurs might still be looking for a long term answer at the QB spot.
Possibility: Not likely


San Diego — A new coach is likely about to come to town in San Diego.  What’s unknown is whether or not GM AJ Smith will weather the storm as well.  If Smith does, then there’s little chance they’d move Rivers, if Smith doesn’t, someone might start looking to get some competition for Rivers as his deal winds down.
Possibility: Unlikely

Philadelphia — With new officials likely coming this offseason in Philly, they could be in the market for a quarterback.  Foles has shown promise, but it might come down to whomever takes over and what type of quarterback they like to run their system.  If Sanchez couldn’t last in New York, his psyche will shatter in Philly.
Possibility: Highly unlikely

Oakland — Oakland has been batted around, but they just restructured Palmer’s deal this summer and they’ll owe him too much to cut him in the coming year.  Oakland might consider Sanchez as competition, but remember that Clinkscales is now in Oakland and would have all the dirt on Sanchez.  Their interest or lack of interest will be an interesting barometer in how the Jets scouting organization throught of Sanchez.
Possibility: Highly unlikely