Link: Jets Downplaying Desire to Trade Revis … Uh huh …

Just a another piece of information about the Revis situation from the New York Post, but one that needs to be carefully weighed.

The Jets are not committed to trading Revis as has been reported, The Post has learned. According to a league source, the Jets are listening to trade offers, but not actively shopping the All-Pro cornerback and there is a thought within the organization that he could still be a member of the 2013 team.

Brian Bassett,

Then consider that the Post was also simultaneously publishing an article about the compensation the Jets deserve to get for Revis.  While we agree that the Jets deserve to get a 2013 first rounder, what they deserve to get and what they can actually get are two different things.  The press will pin a bad trade on John Idzik should the Jets accept less than a first, but we all know who’s pulling the strings on this … the same man who had a report out about Revis the day that Idzik walked in the front door.

The Jets are just days away from having to pay Revis a million dollar bonus, and the longer they hold him, the more long-term cap effects there are for the Jets.  I don’t doubt that the Jets are willing to walk away from the table, but it sure seems like one of those feigned moves where they say they want to keep Revis to milk as much compensation out of the Bucs as possible.

Everyone knows that the Jets won’t give him the next contract that he wants.  Everyone knows the Jets want to deal Revis.  Everyone knows that because of this, their leverage is compromised and because of it, their compensation will be compromised.  The Vikings basically did the same thing with Percy Harvin right before they dealt him off.  As we linked to earlier, the Cole Yahoo! report stated that the teams were deadlocked over draft-pick compensation, and this seems to be a move to help press the issue with the Bucs.

Larry Grego
Larry Grego

Wow. I’d bet against that happening right now, wouldn’t you?

 Sure  would. Can't see the Giants sweeping Washington or beating the Vikings so chalk up two more loses.