Link: PFF – Performance Based Value

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In an interesting series over at PFF, they’re comparing 2012 production with cap numbers to try and assess which players and teams over and underperformed last season. As you might expect, the Jets don’t fare too well, although perhaps it’s not all bad, based on their conclusion:

The Jets ended up as one of the worst teams when comparing money spent to what they got out of it. A large part of that were the two injured players. Luckily, the future isn’t as grim. Of the seven players rounding out their Top 10 overvalued, three have already been released, two are free agents, and rumors are Tim Tebow won’t be back. Now they just need to find even more value in their young players.

They make a good point about the injuries, which account for about two-thirds of their deficit (or perhaps even higher than that if you factor in the injuries to Bart Scott and Sione Po’uha and the knock-on effect this would have had on David Harris). However, at the same time, this means that some of the players who outperformed their contract perhaps only did so due to opportunities afforded to them by those injuries (Gates, Kerley and Cumberland for example).