Lola Sports Photo Essay – Jets v Titans: Music City Masochism



Remember our fried Alex, AKA Roof, AKA LolaSportsTalk?  You know, the guy who went to every Jets game last year?

Alex went to last weekend’s game in Nashville and did one of his famous photo essays.  Alex tells us that his computer broke and so he didn’t get to do the full treatment, but don’t worry … since he lives in Atlanta, he and his two best friends (James and Emmett) are bringing an RV down from New York and going to tailgate the game in Atlanta … but um … they’ll be camping in the area where the movie Deliverance was filmed first …

Personally?  I’m hopeful for an epic post on the game and tailgate next week, but also hopeful that no pig squealing will be required.

Here’s Alex’s pictures and rather amusing writeup from a game I would otherwise want to forget.