Matchups: Bills @ Jets Week 3 2013

Brian Bassett,

Here’s some matchups to watch during today’s Bills – Jets game.

Stevie Johnson versus Antonio Cromartie:  Johnson has been a thorn in the Jets side for a few years.  The secondary is still looking to get into its rhythm and for Cromartie working against Johnson could be a good test.  While Johnson is the main man, rookie Robert Woods is coming on as the team’s second option.

Sheldon Richardson (91), Muhammad Wilkerson (96), and Antwan Barnes (95) meet up to sack Bucs quarterback Josh Freeman.

Jets DL versus Bills OL: The Bills have done a good job of protecting their quarterback and getting the ball off quick.  Last week the Jets harried Tom Brady all day … can the Jets DL do it again against a quick-trigger O?

CJ Spiller versus the Linebackers: Spiller has spelled trouble for the jets in the past, especially in the short passing game where he gets isolated against a linebacker in the open field.  The Jets and Demario Davis specifically are going to have to do everything they can to limit Spiller between the tackles and to contain him should he get the ball in the open field.

EJ Manuel versus Geno Smith: OK not a true matchup, but much of the focus from the broadcast booth will be in comparing how these two players are playing in this game and comparing them to each other.  Watch to see how both play and more importantly look at the distinction between how the Jets and BIlls formulate the offense around their rookie quarterback.  Mornhinweg is a little more of the air it out, while Hackett tends to take after his father.


Mario Williams versus Austin Howard: Last year, Williams was complaining after his first game as a Bill that Howard held him the whole game.  Seemingly no one held Williams last week en route to his 4.5 sack performance against the Panthers last week.  The Pettine scheme is clearly helping out Super Mario and the Jets are going to have to do everything they can to limit the damage that Williams can do in the backfield.