Moore Holds Event for Children in Newark

Brandon Moore had a fun day planned yesterday for children in the Newark area and talked a little with the Star-Ledger about the event and why he and his wife held and planned it.

“She wanted to have this fun day with the kids,” Moore said. “These kids are in a tough environment. A lot of times they have to make adult decisions at a very young age. Who they’re hanging with. Whether to do this or do that. Things that adults usually deal with. …

“To have one day to have the freedom to just get cotton candy, popcorn, games, which normal kids get to do. If you can give them one day around Christmas time, I think that’s their lasting memory or present you can give them.”

Moore held the event in Newark, in part, because it reminded him of his hometown of Gary, Ind. — a tough city where he could make a difference.

Brian Bassett,

It’s always good to hear about stories like this to put life into perspective.  Glad that Brandon Moore and many of the Jets players could attend this wonderful charity event.  


Beckham if he stays healthy may turn out to be one of the best giant receivers in their history.

Arguing that Reese should have taken Zack Martin over Beckham is popular but I think 9-10 gms would like to have Beckham.  You usually can get good OLmen in late rounds and as FA;s.

Either this OL has not galvanized or Reese has not found the right mix of players for the position.  This has been a problem for nearly 3 years and must be addressed immediately. 

Meanwhile Beckham has star written all over him.