No Announcement Today

Brian Costello of the New York Post is reporting that the Jets will not be making an announcement today in regards to their general manager search.

We’re a half hour away from 5:00 on the East coast and the Jets have historically made their announcements well before now so this comes as little surprise. We’re being speculative here but it’s possible there could be a holdup in the negotiation process or the “sources” are off the mark again which wouldn’t be out of character given the lack of information the Jets have dispensed in the last two weeks.

Nonetheless, stay tuned. With the Senior Bowl creeping closer, the Jets should be ready to announce their decision shortly.


Here we go again, no suh, no mcourty typical giants always falling short on A plus talent and then signing b and c grade talent hoping to catch lightening in a bottle. Then when it works like a broken clock they pat themselves on the back, but when it doesnt they wonder why the talent comes up short every year. Football surely is not basketball and you can't just rely on free agents to solve problems but giants have so many problems that the draft given the bust factor is not going to plug them. Given the short leash that both Reese and Tom should be on to make the playoffs I would have hoped they would want to bring in and plug holes with top talent.

Forget about mcourty, but suh could seriously changed this defense drastically putting him and Hankins next to each other would have improved not only the line but the linebackers and secondary. Having two great DT would moved this team to improvement very quickly. Giants spend high on the wrong guys and pass on the right ones.