No surgery needed for Cro

Antonio Cromartie said he will not need surgery on his hip (Rieber).

He expects to be 100 percent by the end of February (Walder).

Cromartie injured his hip in August and battled the injury all season.

He recently said he would like to retire as a Jet.

Brian Bassett,

It’s good news for Cromartie as it was an injury that he plainly struggled with for much of the season. To his credit, Cromartie has done an excellent job with his offseason conditioning to help him maintain a high level of play up until this year — just by looking at the initial financial structure of the contract it was longer than the Jets expected he could remain healthy. Due to his $5 million bonus due within the next month and a half, the Jets will likely cut him to realize the requisite cap savings of around $9 million before they would re-sign him.

It is true that the Jets need to plan for life after Cromartie, but he has emerged as a dependable leader and mentor among the young secondary over the last two years and would be a good veteran influence for the team in 2014 at the right price.

Andrew Candela
Andrew Candela

I'd take haha clinton dix. He's played with dee milliner before and would make both more comfortable. We could use some help at safety too. There are less quality safeties than wr's, honestly we should find a proven wr to trade for or get in fa. If the secondary can just be average our defense would be amazing