Not Exactly News … But …

About two months too late, but here’s some whispers out of the Combine about the Jets Wildcat last year.

We hear one of the reasons the Jets offense was so out of sync is the team spent an inordinate amount of time in training camp working on the wildcat, and then hardly ever used the scheme once the regular season came. There clearly was a disconnect between Rex Ryan and Tony Sparano, and that’s why Sparano now is in Oakland.

Brian Bassett,

I don’t know if I would characterize it as “inordinate.”  They never practiced the Wildcat until camp almost broke, and then they only did it under the cover of fans not being able to attend those practices.  The Wildcat was a joke and I believe biggest reason it failed was the Jets refusal to actually implement it in a way that was effective.  Limiting Brad Smith as a thrower was wise, limiting Tebow as a thrower took away his ability to create yards on the ground with his feet via the threat of his arm.  It was half-executed and should never have been executed at all in that case.  Sparano and Ryan weren’t friends coming out of the 2011 season and it was Tannenbaum’s influence that brought Sparano and Rex together and the disconnect between the two was never made.