Oh Yeah… Mark Gastineau and Ken O’Brien

SNY’s new show, Oh Yeah…, looks back at the night in 1983 when Mark Gastineau and Ken O’Brien get arrested at Studio 54 after a brawl broke out.

Oh Yeah… takes viewers on a trip down memory lane by re-visiting the most entertaining, offbeat, and perhaps forgotten local sports topics over the past 40 years with each episode devoted to a specific year. New episodes air Sundays at 10 pm on SNY.


It's an absolute disgrace that Mark Gastineau  is not in the NFL Hall of Fame. Not TJB Hall of Fame but the NFL Hall of Fame. For a guy that had 41 sacks in just two years and 54 in 3 consecutive years not to be inducted is a disgrace. 

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This contains one of the stupidest comments I've ever seen from some woman I've never heard of who is using an incident that was over 30 years ago and from which O'Brien was acquitted of all charges and Gastineau was acquitted of all but one (and O'Brien maintained that was a joke) to prove that "players can't even go out without getting themselves into trouble".

I wasn't even aware of this incident until I researched Ken O'Brien's hall of fame article last week.  What a weird coincidence that they should suddenly decide to revisit this totally out of the blue now.