PFWA “Satisfied” With Arrangement

After lodging a complaint only yesterday that the Jets did not make a team official or their head coach available to conduct a season ending press conference within a week of the season ending, the Pro Football Writers of America seems to be content with the current arrangement after speaking with the team.

The PFWA is satisfied that the New York Jets are following the spirit of the rules in making their executives available on Tuesday. There is good reason for the NFL’s rule requiring teams to make a top executive available to communicate with the fans through the media within seven days after the end of the season. After discussing the circumstances with the Jets, we look forward to hearing from owner Woody Johnson and coach Rex Ryan on Tuesday.

Eric Weeks,

The complaint seemed premature especially since the PFWA had not spoken to the organization at that point to hear their side of the story. Today’s press release all but confirms that they jumped the gun on this one. So, what have we learned today, folks? Sometimes, you just need to hug it out (Warning: NSFW language).


The Giants are in a reasonable  Cap situation.

1. Don't retain Rolle unless he takes a big pay cut.

2. I'd like JPP to stay at a reasonable salary, but not at an elite one.  He doesn't have the body of work to warrant that.

Being injured for 2 years then recovering worries me.

3. Eli is not making a ridiculous amount of money, no need to restructure him.  As for extending him, that's an interesting problem.  For how long and how much?  He's 34.  A 3 year extension, good.  A 5 year extension?  That concerns me.  The levelerage he has is that there is a severe drought of moderate level QBs.  Just look at the Jets, Tampa, Titans, Texans, etc.  They are dying for a moderate level QB, and would kill for Andy Dalton.

But Elis day may soon be over, and the Giants need to plan for this. Is Nassib the answer?

Kevin Gilmore
Kevin Gilmore

People we must stop listening to these reporters who act as if we didn't watch the games our selves. Eli had a rebound year??? I guess when you lead the league in turnovers by a huge margin and only commit half that amount the following season than I guess it is an improvement, but PLEASE PLEASE don't be fooled by meaningless stats. Against teams with a 500 win percentage or better Eli had 16 tds, 14 turnovers (12 ints, 2 lost fumbles). 6 of those tds came against the cowboys. Another 2 tds came in the 4th qtr down by 30pts to Indy. Due the math... Remove those games against those teams and in 7 games Eli had 8 tds and 13 turnovers against winning teams. Someone please tell me why the Giant's should be rushing to extend Eli? And please don't say for CAP relief, because that would be accepting mediocrity. It's clear that Eli feasted on garbage teams. If the Giants were smart they would let Eli play out his last season and make him earn an extension. If this team misses the playoffs again next season it would be 6 of 7 years. That's with Eli starting every game. Does that sound like it warrants an extension. I think not...

Matthew Cohen
Matthew Cohen

Eli's annual cap hit over this extension will be $20 million or so (just like Flacco) unless he gives the Giants a deal.

So there will be no savings unless the deal is back end loaded.  But the Giants can do that with a free agent like Suh or JPP in any case so restructuring Eli is not necessary if they want to sign JPP or Suh and borrow some cap money from future years.

Matthew Cohen
Matthew Cohen

1) Baas was an error.
2) Wilson - bad luck

3) Kiwi - declined and the Giants have been keeping him to delay the dead money hit

4) Beason will be restructured - he got hurt so it looks bad. 

5) Walton will be restructured or cut $600k isn't much
6) Ayers is staying

The Giants don't have a huge amount of dead money.  Chill.


ELI is not the CAP Problem--

1. David Baas = $3.2 Million DEAD $$$

2. David Wilson = $0.8 Million DEAD $$$

3. KiWi = $7.4 Million CAP Hit / $2.6 Million DEAD $$$ if cut

4. LB Beason = $7.3 CAP Hit / $3.8 Million DEAD $$$ if cut

5. JD Walton = $3.1 Million CAP Hit / $0.6 Million DEAD $$$ if cut

6. JPP $8M - $13.3M  or DE Robert Ayers $2.5M ( DE Kerry Wynn = $0.5M)

Michael Frias
Michael Frias

@McGeorge  They MUST extend Eli.  Look at the QBs that have been drafted in the past 5 years.  Letting him walk without a backup pretty much ready to roll would set them back 4 years.  There is seriously only 4-5 of them that I would consider to be anywhere between great and serviceable.

Stafford, Newton, Dalton, Luck, and maybe Kaepernick and Tannehill.

There his a huge drought in young Elite NFL QBs.


Eli is not the problem. Never was. He IS a franchise QB. You are missing the point, a contract restructure now rather than later give the Giants options and room to act on other moves.

Michael Frias
Michael Frias

@Skookaloop  A $20 million cap number is rough, regardless of the players ability.


According to Giants are currently 11th in "DEAD MONEY".  You make it always sound like they're the only team paying player not on the roster. 

What they can control is making Eli Manning a Giant for life, and freeing up cap space in the process.

No one is saying Eli is overpaid or the "problem", just how his contract was so back-ended.  But that's what all teams do.  Back load superstar's contracts, knowing that they will most likely get extended, and that last year cap hit will get reduced.

Matthew Cohen
Matthew Cohen

@Michael Frias @Skookaloop  Manning is one of the top 10-15 QBs in the league.  Top 10-15 QBs cost $20mm.  If you don;t like it, sign Mark Sanchez for $1mm and see where it gets you.


@Michael Frias @Skookaloop

1st, i NEVER said other Teams didn't have Dead $$$, But

Being 11th in DEAD $$$ is AWFUL poor management,

11th is middle of the Road

this is a ELITE Biz.

REESE has COOKed the BOOK's,

with Heavy BackEnd Bad Deal's....

Kiwi's $7.4M Contract was just ReDone last year

and it's STILL BAD....

LB Beasons $7.3Million Agentless Contract is BAD...


an ELITE GM would have signed CRUZ sooner,

for HALF as much.

OC JD Waltons Contract EZ'ly could have been Structured with ZERO 2015 DEAD Money.

RT/(LT) Beatty $8Million is a Bad Deal...

JPP at $8M - $13.3M is a BAD Deal ...

... and Prince is OWED $6.9Million.....

.........and there more

@Skookaloop Your assuming that those players would have signed a contract set up as you lay it out.  They (players) have lawyers' that look for these things.  Why would players sign contracts as you lay them out?

Matthew Cohen
Matthew Cohen

@Skookaloop @Michael Frias
Beatty is one of the top 10-15 left tackles in the game.  That's what they cost.  Team's draft 4-5 of them in the first round each year and most flame out.  When you find a serviceable one, you pay the freight and lock them up.  

Matthew Cohen
Matthew Cohen

 @Skookaloop  Because the money is guaranteed.  There is only a loose correlation between cash paid and cap hit. The most important thing is that signing bonuses are spread out over the life of the contract.  You really need to read up on how the cap works.  

Matthew Cohen
Matthew Cohen

@Skookaloop @Matthew Cohen  You asked why an agent would agree to a contract with a lower cap hit in year one.  The reason is that the player gets a boatload of cash up front which for cap purposes counts over the life of the contract.  So a 5 year $50 million deal $20 million up front could be done with $1 million in salary in year 1.  The cap hit would be  1+20/5 or only $5 million in year 1 even though the player got $21 million.  There are lots of other things that can be done to push cap hits into future years without hurting the player.