Plugging the Holes: Offense

Brian Bassett ,

During the lead up to the draft, there were two offensive positions that received a lot of focus here on the blog, but which the Jets didn’t fill any needs with any of their picks.  Here’s a quick look at what the Jets might do between now and the start of the season.


Kerley is the constant as Jets enter 2013

Wide Receiver 
Status — Top receiver Santonio Holmes is coming back off a Lisfranc injury, Stephen Hill showed some promise at the end of 2012 before getting injured and Jeremy Kerley proved he can be more than just a slot receiver.  Still, the Jets were pretty obvious in their interest of Tavon Austin who went one pick before the Jets at #8 to the Rams who traded up in fear of losing out on Austin to the Jets.  The Jets will likely want to add at least one player to the group to help round it out as a backup with potential to spot-start as necessary.

Potential Moves — There’s been talk as recently as yesterday about the Jets interest leaving the door open for Braylon Edwards as well as interest in former  Giants receiver Ramses Barden.  Like Edwards, Barden is another big-bodied receiver so that might be a type the Jets show specific interest in at the present time.

Tight End

Jeff Cumberland sits atop the depth chart ... for now

Cumberland sits atop the depth chart … for now

Status — The Jets have not shown a lot of confidence in making Jeff Cumberland their full-time starter over the past two months.  The team has entertained signing a number of veteran like Fred Davis and Kellen Davis and there was said to be a lot of interest in the Jets in drafting a quarterback in the second round, a plan that went by the wayside when Geno Smith was still on the board at #39.  Once Kelce left the board at #63, there were no justifiable third rounders left for the Jets and they went another direction.  That said, I really like Hayden Smith and think he might have some real potential.

Potential Moves — The Jets could stay put and work hard on developing what they already have, but I expect that the Jets will try and find a low-cost veteran to add to the unit before the end of training camp.  The pickings at tight end are slim, but with some veterans like Randy McMichael, Kevin Boss, Kellen Winslow or Dallas Clark if they value a pass catcher, or Will Heller if they want a stout blocker.