Pros & Cons: Jets Backups

After the way that Mark Sanchez played Monday, there was little surprise that he would be benched and Rex Ryan would find a new starter for the team for the remaining two games.  Ryan was left with two players who could take on the spot and while each has their own pros and cons.  While we know the decision is already made, here’s a list of what both of them bring to the table, especially considering the news that Tebow might request being released should he not get to start Week 17.

Tim Tebow
Pros: Team’s #2.  Size, Tebow is physically gifted and a hard target to bring down.  One of the better rushing quarterbacks in the league.  Ability to extend plays with his legs, size and intuition.  Willing to throw the ball away.  Innate ability to run the spread-option offense to inconsistent but potential gamebreaking effect.
Cons: Bad throwing motion.  Inconsistent.  Passes tend to float and take a long time getting there.  Struggled with turnovers during his career.

Greg McElroy
Pros: Smart and accurate game manager.  Understands how to run a ball-control offense and willing to do it. Will throw the ball away when necessary.  Short and middle passes (West Coast) are his best weapon.
Cons: Athletic measurables, unknown ability to play “outside the play” should it break down, deep ball throwing accuracy/ability.