Oh Hey … Thanks!!!

Brian Bassett , TheJetsBlog.com

We never get to say it enough, but we wanted to wish everyone who is in some way part of this blog a BIG thank you.

Thank you for sticking with the site in 2012 in what turned out to be both a euphoric and dystopic year.  We couldn’t have done it without the legion of readers, commenters and behind-the-scenes folks who make this blog what it is.  I’ll be honest and say that the year didn’t come without it’s share of roadblocks — sometimes a season will take us where we don’t want to go, focusing on topics we’d rather not.  And 2008 & 2012 will live in infamy for that very reason.

All the same, we still had a blast.  The Jets may have not won the Super Bowl, but we all agree that it is our most fervent hope that they will get there — and soon.  There’s a lot of roads the Jets might take to get there and while fans might not agree all the time, it’s important we remember we’re all one big family.  Eight years ago I started a simple Blogspot site out of the desperation of living in Boston, and now it’s become something we’re so proud of — mostly because of the hard work of you, our readers and commenters.

In addition, I’d like to thank Bent, Kristian Dyer, Eric Weeks, Jake Steinberg, Angel Navedo, Jordan, Dan Marcus, and Corey Griffin who do a great job in helping me to keep the site up and running all the time.  Behind the scenes, the awesome folks at SNY like Adam Rotter, Matt Cerrone, Jeff Goldman, Jason Potere and many others that do much of the work that’s seamless to the readers.

So, here’s to hopefully seeing this team get back on track in 2013, the offseason will be long and full of terrors, but we’re going to be here every day doing what we love doing and hope you’ll be here too.

Happy New Year and Go Jets!