Report: Rex Would Rather Be Fired If Woody Doesn’t Invest

Another day, another anonymous source. That seems to be the recurring theme as the Jets draw closer to putting a lid on a forgettable season. The New York Daily News has been told by sources that Rex Ryan would much rather be fired as head coach than continue to coach an offense that does not undergo significant changes in the offseason.

The Daily News has learned that Ryan, the swashbuckling point man who dominated the headlines for the past four seasons, has intimated to “anyone who will listen” that he would be better off getting fired if Johnson isn’t willing to rectify player personnel and coaching issues on offense, according to sources.

Sources confirm that Ryan prefers to stay with the Jets if his owner is willing to pour in all the necessary resources to breathe life into one of the most anemic passing offenses in the league. Although Johnson’s bottom-line budget is unknown, sources said that Ryan won’t simply resign if the owner isn’t willing to make sufficient changes.

“He won’t quit,” a team official said.

At that point, one plausible scenario beneficial to Johnson would be to buy Ryan out of his contract with an agreed-upon financial settlement.

Otherwise, Ryan would essentially be coaching for his job next season. Without a significant upgrade in offensive talent, the Jets would be a borderline playoff team at best.

Eric Weeks,

If the bag of goods we’re trying to be sold is just a ploy, I don’t believe it would be appropriate to put my thoughts in writing.

If the bag of goods happens to have some validity, it’s not all that difficult to see Ryan’s viewpoint. The quarterback has a lot to do with how far an offense can go and in the case of Mark Sanchez he simply cannot elevate those around him. In the same breathe he also hasn’t been surrounded by talent suitable to his strengths either. This will be Rex’s fourth season with the team and I should think he understands that if nothing changes offensively, whether it be coaches, players or both, then there will be little, if any, room for improvement in 2013 which means he will continue to get blamed, fairly or unfairly so, for something that he in part has no control over.

But that leads us to wonder how much of this is Rex’s own doing? Sanchez was his guy. Sparano was his hire. Holmes was his guy. Hunter was his guy. Mike Tannenbaum might have had the authority to pull the trigger but Rex played up their abilities through the media and when they didn’t deliver, it was disappointing for everyone involved.

Rex has never been one to quit anything so I have no doubts he would continue to do his job but it wouldn’t be with the same bravado that we saw change the culture of the team only four years ago. If Woody isn’t willing to invest now, the Jets could be paying for a lot more headaches in the very near future.


its too bad when fans will trash a player just because he proved their prediction to be wrong,  these people are not jint fans they are fans of a fav player and nothing more.


the GIANTS are 5-9,

they beat the (3-11),REDSKIN's, twice ....

they Beat the (2-12), Titans...

they Beat the (5-9), Falcons...

and they Beat the (7-7), Texans....

the NYG's LOST to the (2-12) Jaguars............

I'm glad your ALL giddy about WR ODB..... 

Bernie Liebler
Bernie Liebler

AS for  drafting Zack Martin, good linemen show up every year., Players like Beckham show up maybe once a generation.  If you can have them, you want them -- if you have any sense.


Wow another meaningless game won.  Glad to see the players stuff there stat lines. JPP now racking up the sacks like Tuck did last year should help him get that new deal he wants. I think every giants contract should be front loaded because they don't seem to show up when it matters. How easy it is to play loose when there is nothing on the line and your playing against other none contenders.  I'm sick of seeing this team decide to show up when nobody but fantasy league fans care anymore.  


In the Doom & Gloom of the Second Lost Season, in two Years....

the Constant Professional, the Role Model... for Role Models:

Eli Manning. Took the NY GIANTS on his ARM......Once AGAIN....

a ABSENT running Game, (49 Total Yard ???!!!???)

and a Swiss Cheese O-Line,

ELI was Hurried & Knocked Down....ALL DAY LONG.....

But Showed Pocket Courage, completing 67.6% of his Passes, with NO INT's,

to 8 different Receivers....

4, where P-Squad Players Last Year,

2, are ROOKIES,

1, has only Been a Giant for 3 Games,

and 1 is a 3rd Year Vet.....

ELI made the 1st Round Draft Pick Look Good....

connecting 12 Times for 143yds & 3 TD's....

ELI had a PERFECTLY Placed, Back Shoulder Jump Ball for a TD,

But the ROOKIE Wide-Out, After High Pointing the Ball,

ALLOWED a ROOKIE CB to PRY the Ball Out,

Negating what would have Been ELI's 4th TD pass of the Day's....

the Rookie WR will have to learn BETTER Body Positioning,

the Same ROOKIE WR, Dropped a EZ TD pass the Week before.......

But still there chemisty is GROWing,

,ELI, hit the Rookie WR in Perfect Stride,

on a Shallow Cross, the ROOKIE hit the Jets,

blazing threw the Secondary at warp Speed for a 35yd TD....

with a Running Game, TE, CRUUUUUZ, Much BETTER Pass Protection and a NEW DEFENSE,

2015 isn't looking so GLOOM....


All those people that complained about him are now jumping the bandwagon. As I stated last week, we could've drafted Martin, but if Dallas had a chance to pick Beckham, that would've been a nightmare for us, with him and Dez Bryant lining up opposite each other. I'm glad we have such a good rookie player! Let's hope he plays the same next season.


I have to ask again since no one has yet to answer me where are all the losers that called him a bust prior to his debut???


Yes very giddy. 19 players on injured reserve. A few good starters in the shook. NFL record I believe. Hard to be competitive. So excuse the rest of us for enjoying the production of a talented player in the face of a "gloomy" season pal


They're also playing piss poor teams

Brian Webster
Brian Webster

Yeah if that had happened Dallas would be in 1st place & the Giants would be awful right now! Wait a minute...


@njgoomba  i had someone respond to me last week that they still think martin was the better pick, unfingbelievable.



19 on IR is Miss Leading,

I already Broke Down the COMPLETE IR List in a earlier Post....

(5) of those Players where Place on IR in Dec,

when the GIANTS Season was ALREADY in the TANK...

(3) LB Beason - RB Hillis ... RT Snee...NO SURPRISE, HIGH RISK... BAD Gamble...

(5) R. Gaines -Marcus Harris -Travis Howard -Troy Kropog-Terrell Manning...

where 4th String, P-Squad Players, Fill-In's at BEST.... EZ to RePlace....

(2) LB/S Cooper Taylor & WR Jerrel Jernigan, UNDERACHIEVERS,

NEVER made a Difference.... EZ to Re-Place


OG/OT- Schwartz was a Bad Break,

but it Happened in Pre-Season... Plenty on Time to Make Adjustments....

CB- Walter Thurmond, was Bad Break,

CB- McBride, bad Break... his Thumb...


CB- Prince, CB's Cover.... NOT stuff the Run....with the VOID at LB,

Prince was FORCED to Stop the RUN, Those HIT's take there TOLL...

WR Cruuuuuz, was Over Worked.... the 1 Year TE Merry-go-round and the Lack of a #1 WR,

with ALL Defenses KEY on CRUZ,Targeting him with Double Teams EVERY Play... Pounding CRUZ, Game After Game...


Martin is a hell of a player. I'm just find it funny that people called Odell a BUST