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RT Breno Giacomini not worried about time lost in OTAs with Willie Colon

Free agent acquisition and Jets starting right tackle Breno Giacomini told the Newark Star-Ledger that he is not concerned with the lack of reps he was able to log with Willie Colon during the springs organized team activities.

Colon tore his bicep in the season finale against the Dolphins and then had arthroscopic surgery on his knee (TJB, May 28) this spring after signing a one-year deal (TJB, March 15) with the team in March.

“Training camp is where you really tighten those nuts and bolts down,” former Seattle Seahawk Giacomini told Darryl Slater of the Star-Ledger. “But Willie knows what he’s doing. That’s the best part. He knows the offense. He’s got it down.”

“I’m not really too worried about (Colon’s inability to participate),” Giacomini continued.  “All we’ve got to do, really, is work on double teams (in blocking).”

Brian Bassett,

Colon rated as the league’s 16th best right guard in the league in 2013, playing particularly well on passing downs.  Giacomini’s handled himself well in 2013 for Seattle and his presence might increase the Jets ability to run more effectively in conjunction with Colon.

As a general rule, offensive linemen thrive on consistency and routine.  They like knowing who will be lining up next to them on each and every snap.  Knowing that and working in such a setup as soon as possible in the offseason / preseason makes sense especially when there are new pieces inserted, which Giacomini himself is after Austin Howard’s departure for the Raiders.

As for Colon? The Bronx native is expected to be ready (Star-Ledger, May 29) for the Jets at the start of training camp.

It makes sense why Giacomini would be asked the question, but Giacomini is right to downplay it until training camp.  Should Colon not be ready to go at the start or quickly after, then the Jets players will be asked repeatedly about the matter.

Eddy Lopez
Eddy Lopez

Are any of you Jet fans planning to travel to different places to go watch the Jets or have you traveled to different places?

I live in SoCal last year I went to San Diego to catch a Bengels game vs the Chargers with my Jets gear on it was fun I got a Little harassed but nothing extreme.

This year I can't wait to Go watch them play vs the Chargers.

Planning maybe next yr to go to Buffalo ( if my wife says it's ok of course :( ) has anyone had a good experience heading up there? I also want to visit Niagara Falls.


lets not get carried away. we will go as far as the quarterback takes us. everything else is in place. but the QB is the wildcard. and vick is not the answer. he is well past his prime. i think idzik has done a very good job so far but the one move i question is vick. however its possible he signed vick to mentor smith?


I went to the game in Nashville last season and am going again this season to the Titans/Jets game. Last year I was seated next to a very drunk, very obnoxious Titan fan until he was finally ejected in the 4th quarter. However many Titans fans came up up and apologized on behalf of Titans fans and said that was not par for the course. Honestly though until the NFL cracks down on alcohol consumption league wide (which I don't think will happen anytime soon) I suspect it will continue to be the norm.

Eddy Lopez
Eddy Lopez

@j_spikett Geeez get over it man by this time it's sinked into most Jet fans that Vick is the back up. Who else would you have liked as a back up that was available for the Jets to take? 

Most likely you won't have a great answer so Vick is a good choice.