Ryan wants to see his quarterbacks “live” before he makes a call

On Wednesday, the news was that neither Mark Sanchez nor Geno Smith looked all that overwhelming in the reps they took and so with that in mind, Rex Ryan made it unequivocally clear to the press that he expects the quarterback competition to last for a while at the current rate.

“I don’t think we’re close to that right now,” Ryan told reporters, per JP Pelzman of the Record when asked as to whether or not he would name a quarerback by the end of next week. “It’s way too early to say”

When further pressed about the point, Ryan made it clear that he would like to see the quarterbacks “live,” meaning that there would have to be a preseason game or games taken into account in any decision and that “it’s going to have to be 100 percent clear to me” who the quarterback should be.

Brian Bassett, TheJetsBlog.com

The Jets were without Clyde Gates (hamstring), Stephen Hill (knee), Santonio Holmes (Lisfranc & foot surgeries), Jeremy Kerley (heel) in practice on Wednesday, so it’s hard to hold too much against the quarterbacks … but it’s just more of the same. The Jets first two preseason games are on August 9th against the Lions and then August 17th against the Jaguars and the team’s regular season opener comes on September 8th.

The longer the Jets wait, the tougher it’s going to be on the rest of the offense to adjust to whomever Rex Ryan decides on as his starting man.