Sanchez Expects to Start in 2013

With the players in Florham Park today, Mark Sanchez answered questions from reporters on if he expects to win the starting job as the Jets starting quarterback this season.

“No doubt,” Sanchez told Seth Walder of the Daily News. “Sure, of course.”

Sanchez then expanded on the matter saying;

“Why worry about that? There’s not enough hours in the day to worry about what fans are saying, what the media is saying, if this is my last chance,” the quarterback said. “That’s too much, that’s too much. Just focus on the read, focus on your footwork…and have fun doing it.”

The former first round pick made it clear that he intends to battle to hold on to his starting job, and believes the competition will spark him to play better.

“It’s one of those situations where there’s a challenge for something I hold very dear to my heart that has really been my life goal,” he said. “Is playing at this level, and being a starting quarterback. When somebody challenges me that way, it really brings out your best.”

Brian Bassett,

The Jets drafting of Geno Smith and release of Tim Tebow is clarifying the situation.  From what we hear, Mark Sanchez was keenly aware how bad things were and while he didn’t have as many weapons as he might have wanted, he still missed far too many reads, was far too hesitant in the pocket and made heaps of ill-advised throws.

It’s good that he has the right attitude, but as he said, this is his last chance with the Jets and it’s good to hear him recognize what’s at stake.


Hey Odell,  Cruz is not playing this year