What’s Sanchez Status With the Team?

Jordan, TheJetsBlog.com

In my opinion Garrard should be the opening day starter and let Geno sit and watch. At some point Geno should come in. At this point I’m not sure I how would feel if Geno is the starter in week 1. I think he can handle it, but I don’t want the Jets to just throw him in. Sanchez should be cut. Lets face it he’s not going to become this all-star QB. For Sanchez to be successful the Jets need to have a good running game and a top ten defense. Just like his first two seasons. I want to have a QB that can win us games. Step up in big moments and deliver. Sanchez has done that, but on a very inconsistent basis. With everything that occurred last season, I think its just a matter of time for Mark. 

Brian Bassett, TheJetsBlog.com

Good points Jordan, but Garrard has had real trouble staying healthy in the last few years, so we’ll have to see if that’s even an option when the time comes.  With the restructure that was announced the other day, the question of Sanchez’s status came up.  There’s no reason to let him go at least before June 1st and the Jets might try to trade him if at all possible.

There’s no harm in letting Geno sit a bit, but if the Jets want to compete they should just give the job to whomever is the best available man, and none of the kangaroo court stuff that Rex Ryan did with Mark Sanchez and Kellen Clemens back in 2009.  Idzik has called competition a “hallmark” of the team now, including the quarterback spot.  Let the best man play.


Just another ill-advised FA signing by Reese. He keeps bringing in guys with injury histories and they can't stay healthy.

@hashbury Another couch GM with no perspective. Look at the salaries for the top Corners then look at DRCs contract. The Giants are getting a bargain with the potential for DRC to be great.....over the last 5 years the Giants haven't had any money to sign the best of the best so i guess you would have air replace DRC...dummy