Simms Seemingly Has a Leg Up On McElroy

Simms in 2012

While Mark Sanchez and Geno Smith continue to dominate the headlines, the Jets could have the makings of another interesting competition a few notches down the depth chart. Matt Simms, who spent time in camp with New York last year before being cut last August only to be brought back in December, is currently taking reps with the third team while McElroy is left the scraps.

Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News reported that the untested Matt Simms — son of New York Giants legend Phil Simms — took snaps with the third team during Thursday’s practice. McElroy toiled with the No. 4s, duplicating the pecking order witnessed in last week’s open session.

McElroy, entering his third campaign, earned a start in Week 16 last season ahead of Tim Tebow and a spiraling Sanchez. His season was cut short by a concussion, but McElroy went into the winter as a player the Jets appeared interested in keeping.

It’s too early to read into his snap count, but his tumble comes as a surprise. On paper, McElroy’s a strong fit for offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg‘s West Coast attack. He’s an intelligent young passer who wasn’t cowed by the spotlight last season.

Eric Weeks,

This is somewhat surprising given Simms’ lack of experience. Simms has been noted for his arm strength however, his career at Tennessee wasn’t exactly something to write home about. He started 8 games in 2010, completing 113 of his 195 pass attempts for 1,460 yards, 8 touchdowns and 4 interceptions. In 2011, he saw action in 7 games but only started 2 while recording 319 passing yards, no touchdowns and 3 interceptions.

McElroy on the other hand has a much better college pedigree, including a BCS National Championship title, and also played in a few games and started against the Chargers for New York amid the quarterback quandary last season. McElroy was by no means perfect but still relatively proficient for a guy who everyone expected to be the last person to lead the Jets’ sputtering offense.

There have been rumblings that McElroy is allegedly the anonymous Jet and this could be punishment however, as of yet, there is no proof of this. It’s also worth noting that McElroy put his name on his comments when he discussed the ‘corrupt mindset’ in the locker room, something that was much more damning than talking about Mark Sanchez.

In any event, it’s difficult to read too much into this right now but the situation does bear monitoring in the coming weeks.