Social Media Roundup: Goooooooaallll!

Brian Bassett,

We love the sites who do summary posts of the social media shenanigans around the Jets.  

So whenever we can, we’ll do our best to recap the best of the ongoing fun that the Jets and their players take part in on social media like Twitter, Instagram and Vine.

Is Cerberus taken, or just too highbrow?

The Jets touted their running backs … have we come up with a nickname yet?

Because … futbol

A number of Jets players have caught that World Cup fever.

In addition for rooting for the US, David Nelson also is looking for help with his work with orphans in Haiti … take a look.

Hoop Dreams

Jeff Cumberland waxed nostalgic about basketball on NBA Draft night.

Meanwhile Leger Douzable weighed in on the NBA Draft.

Dirty South

The big talk in the past week was Cal’s sharing some pictures of his bold lifestyle.

Calvin, Calvin, Calvin… Don't do this. #Jets

A photo posted by Erik Manassy (@e_man) on

To which Pryor responded with nonchalance.

Calvin Pryor looks to be getting up to some fun in the ATL, but don’t expect to see any of the shenanigans on social media.

But before shutting down, Pryor did connect with Leger Douzable about hooking up in Douz’s hometown.

So look for two rather beastly men out and about in Atlanta in the coming week.

Speaking of the Douz … it seems he’s spending the weekend in Vegas …

Marquee is nuts right now.

A video posted by leger Douzable (@legerdouzable) on

BK Pride

And in a completely different direction, Jets safety Jaiquawn Jarrett took time to address the 2014 graduating class at his alma mater, Fort Hamilton High School in Brooklyn.

Honored to be the Keynote Speaker at Fort Hamilton High School #AlmaMater #Humbled #Blessed #GoGetYourDream

A photo posted by Jaiquawn Jarrett (@jaiquawn) on

Saturday, Jarrett was out for a jog on the Brooklyn Bridge.

His fellow Brooklynite noted the telltale signs of summer in his borough.

Oday might have been up at night, but he was also woken early by his little brother.

Congrats to the Aboushi family.

Hee heeeeeeeeee

In pop culture, Demario Davis thinks less of you if you didn’t tune in for the five year anniversary coverage of Michael Jackson’s death this past week.

Reading between the lines

Geno posted this on Saturday … a sign of his willingness to do whatever it takes to make the 2014 Jets better, whether to start or sit?  Probably just a good message to remember in all of life.

A photo posted by Geno Smith III (@genosmith7) on

Best Throwback of the Week


Snap - CJ

Crackle - Powell

Pop - Ivory

Justin Rubin
Justin Rubin

If they switch powell with richardson or green they can be the 3 dreaded monster

Alec Wilson
Alec Wilson

I think the 3 headed dog in Harry potter was called Fluffy. I think we should get basset to try it out and call Ivory that and see what happens...


Soooo has Pryor filed for bankruptcy yet?


What does everyone think... will the Jets carry three tailbacks plus Bohanan or will they have a 4th in Richardson or Green?

As for the name.  Cerberus is always good. Chimera could be better - Ivory is the Lion, Powell is the Goat, Johnson is the snake - Power, Dependability, Speed

Hydra is possible.

Hook, Line and Sinker

Brains, Beauty, Brawn

Lock, Stock and Barrel

Yakko, Wakko and Dot

now I'm stretching things - Chaos City Backfield  (Chris, Chris, Bilal)



He just got a $4.5m bonus. He can afford to splurge a little. If two weeks from now he's bought a second Ferrari, then people can make fun of his money management skills. 

Hell, if I was handed a check for over $4m I'd be buying some nice things too. 


@jdb4 I think they keep a FB but it might not be Bohanan. The other guy they picked up looks impressive. apparently not impressive enough that I would remember his name though.


@juunit  I was joking. I would be having a blast myself.

Bent moderator

@levi @jdb4 Chad Young...yeah I was impressed with his tape, but he does look kinda small.


@Bent  He hits like a truck though and catches well too.

Bent moderator

@levi @Bent Yep, looking forward to seeing him in preseason more than just about anyone, I reckon.


@Bent  Hopefully he and Pryor dont kill each other at camp.

Im looking forward to  seeing a lot of players at camp and pre season this year. Theres so many young guys this year to watch. I wanna see how Geno, Milliner and Winters have improved. How Pryor will fit in along with McDougal (I have high hopes for him) and Patterson. I want to see how all the new additions at WR look and how they round out the depth chart.

This team is so young and fast now its gonna be fun to watch.