Spying on Jerry’s draft board to get a better sense of the Jets draft

Brian Bassett, TheJetsBlog.com

Ah … bless the Dallas Cowboys.  In the second time in four years, the Boys have published photo/video evidence of their war room draft board and the intrepid folks at Blogging the Boys have rebuilt the Cowboys draft board for us.   It’s a fascinating post, and has tons of valuable information in it and conclusions that are worth reading.

jerry_mediumSo … why does this matter to Jets fans?

It matters because it’s an inside peek into a whole other organization’s evaluation of the players the Jets drafted, and whether or not the Jets valuations of them were in line with at least one other NFL team.  Granted, it is the NFL team run by one of the most polarizing figures in the league.

From a look at BTB’s work, here’s how the ranked the Jets draft picks we could find. Green italics represent where the Jets got a “value” compared to the Cowboys’ board:

Dee Milliner, CB — Cowboys rank: 4th / Jets pick: 9th
Sheldon Richardson, DT – Cowboys rank: 16th / Jets pick: 13th
Geno Smith, QB — Cowboys rank: 37th / Jets pick: 39th
Brian Winters, OG — Cowboys rank: 89th / Jets pick: 72nd
Oday Aboushi, OT – Cowboys rank: 112th / Jets pick: 141st

Unfortunately, William Campbell (OL), Tommy Bohannn (FB), and the team’s current UDFA’s were not listed because of a white board blocking the later picks in the video/photo evidence that Blogging the Boys reviewed.


Same Page — In the early part of the draft, the Jets and Cowboys were more or less on the same page.  Some players fluctuated more wildly later on, but for the most part the Jets valuations of the players they chose was in line with what the Cowboys were doing.  

Best Player — One of the things that we said in our initial reaction to the draft was that it might not have been sexy, but it was a draft that the Jets played down the center, mostly taking the best players available when it came their turn.  The three linemen alone the Jets took later in the draft was enough evidence; but Milliner and Richardson will be playmakers on the defense. and the Jets took the quarterback they admitted they considered taking at the 13th pick all the way down at the 39th pick.

Line Value — Looking at Aboushi and Winters, compared to the Cowboys the Jets got some real value at those spots.  It’s hard to look too far ahead, but the offensive line depth might be the best that it’s been in ten years over the the next 2-3 seasons because of the moves the Jets made in this draft … that can’t be discounted.

Offensive Playmakers — Looking at the Cowboys draft board, the paucity of offensive playmakers comes back to me.  The Jets might have had their hopes set on Tavon Austin at the ninth pick, but there really wasn’t much in the way of skill players smattered on the board early on.  The guys that the Jets did take will serve them better over the long haul than trying to force a skill player into the mix.

The Chris Ivory Trade — There weren’t a lot of running backs on the board early for the Cowboys, but only one received a fourth round grade: Stepfan Taylor.  Taylor would have been a poor fit for trying to fill the role the Jets project to use Chris Ivory for … so in that way, the Jets might have made a good swap instead of taking a second rounder like Gio Bernard.

Thanks to the folks at GGN for writing about this to bring it to our attention!