The All-Bent Mailbag 2013 – Part Two

Thanks for your mailbag questions. Demand was so overwhelming that we’re going to split the mailbag into three. Part one was earlier this evening, part two is right here and the final part will “air” tomorrow afternoon. Apologies in advance to anyone who got a non-answer or a sarcastic response.

Remember, everyone was told to ask one Jets/NFL question and one non-NFL question…


NFL -When will the media ever treat the jets like we were treated when Parcells was the coach (blue collar hard working…)

That seems a long way off, right now. Probably when we hire Tom Coughlin or some other well-respected former Giant as our head coach in five years’ time.

Non-NFL – will Froome win the tour?

If not Froome, then it’ll be some other Briton. We win EVERYTHING when it comes to cycling.


Jets Question: Which player are you most looking forward to seeing play this year, as a fan?

I’ve got my fingers crossed for Demario Davis. If he can become the kind of player he was in college at the NFL level, we fans are going to LOVE him. I’m also looking forward to seeing Coples up his game a notch like Wilkerson did in year two and I hope Garay is healthy because he will be fun to watch too.

On offense, I’m excited about Ivory and Hill. Hopefully they can step it up this year.

Non-NFL Question: favorite beer?

I’m not really fussy about beer. I’ll drink anything. Give me a Bud or a Coors or any European beer and I’ll drink it. I do prefer lager to bitter, generally, though.


Football Question: Will Revis play week one against the Jets?

Yes. Will they throw at him? No.

Non Football Question: Why do Men have Nipples?

Because if they just had ONE nipple, that would be weird.

Lam Jones

Jets Question: people have discussed how the depth is better this year, do you see the Jets running more offensive line substitutions, especially the guard spots? The forced rotation of Vlad/Slauson last year didn’t seem to backfire but most of the depth will be rookies.

I actually don’t mind offensive line rotations as a philosophy, but I don’t really expect to see a regular rotation this year. We might see changes as the season progresses though.

Non Jets Question: what are you getting for the royal baby?

I’m not American and therefore I don’t care about the royal family or even remember they exist most of the time. Only Americans do.


Question #1: How many sacks do you think this defense will have this season?

The team record is 66, but they’ve only averaged 34 in the Rex Ryan era. The highest they managed was 40 in 2010. Sometimes, heavy blitzing (which we’ve been promised this year) can reduce your sack numbers because the quarterback is more apt to get rid of the ball quickly. However, if you’re equipped to generate pressure without blitzing, then that’s when you can approach 50 and beyond. I’ll go with a conservative 42 … but hopefully they’ll generate more total pressure.

Question #2: When will we have an Asian president?

Probably not until China takes over the World, which is at least 8-10 months away.


Jets question: Who is your all-time favorite Jets offensive player?

I loved Walker, Toon and Chrebet. Can’t really separate those three. It probably would have been Walker, had I not only seen the last few years of his career.

Non Jets question: I am a huge fish and chips fan, so what is the best recipe you can give me?

Recipe? You can’t cook your own fish and chips, you have to get it from a fish and chip shop.

I’d assume a good recipe for chips is to take a potato, cut it into chips and then cook the chips. Add salt or vinegar to taste.


#1 Please list the UDFA’s (both this year’s and previous) who will make the 53 man opening roster.

Griffin, Freeman, all of the tight ends apart from Winslow, a few of the receivers and Landolt have a chance on offense.

On defense Harrison, McIntyre, Bellore, Mauga, Walls and Trufant have a good chance to return and Miles and/or McDonough could have a good shot at making the roster.

Your guess is as good as mine, but I’d expect most of those veterans to return and for the likes of Rogers, Freeman and McDonough to have the best chance from this year’s crop.

#2 Why is treacle so peculiarly hard to purchase in the States?

Isn’t it just called molasses in America?

Disgruntled Jets Fan

Jets: let’s say there will be a new NFL team in London, so there’s an expansion draft. Each team can only protect 10 players. Which Jets would you protect?

Ooo … I like this question. As vocal as I’ve been against a London franchise – and as nonsensical as it would be for the NFL to add a 33rd franchise when 32 is a number that aligns ideally with 16 games, eight divisions and two conferences, I LOVE a good expansion draft.

I’m protecting Wilkerson, Coples, Mangold and Brick before I even blink. Beyond that, you’re looking for good value players who are still under contract beyond this year. That means you’re keeping some unproven guys. Don’t they usually have a rule in place where rookies are automatically protected? If not, then the first three picks from this year would have to go on the list. From there, you’re looking at Kerley, Hill and Ivory as probably the next three most indispensable young guys.

If I don’t have to use those three picks on rookies, I’d likely use them on guys like Colon, Garay and Howard, even though those guys are out of contract at the end of the year. That still leaves a lot of high-upside guys unprotected, which is the last thing this team would want.

In these situations, teams often negotiate, so they might make a deal whereby if we agree to leave Cromartie available for you to take, you agree not to take any of our other players. Or, if we let you take Chris Ivory, you also agree to take Sanchez so we get rid of his contract. So, I’d be looking for sneaky deals like that.

Maybe they should just disband the worst team in the league (bye, Oakland!) at the end of every season and hold an expansion draft for the 32nd team (who would automatically acquire the disbanded team’s non-free agents).

Non-Jets: If you could pick one movie and its story would become real, what would it be?

Assuming I’m not allowed to pick any porn movies and not allowed to pick any movies that already are real to be a smartass, I’ll go with the Truman Show. Although, I think everyone feels from time to time that this is something that is already happening to them. WHY DID THAT LIGHT HAVE TO TURN RED NOW?!?!

johnny reefer

Smith or Sanchez?
Joeyboy or hank?

So you’re asking who would be the best quarterback and who would be the best blog commenter?

Right … so Smith would be an excellent blog commenter because he’s always checking his phone, although this would also make him more likely to “run amok”. Sanchez wouldn’t be very good because he’s not very good at reading.

Joeyboy would be a frustrating quarterback but at least he would be consistent. Hank on the other hand would be at constant odds with the coaching staff because he’d insist his way of doing things was the right way. I could see him being a reckless gunslinger that would be successful every now and again, although his coaches would want him to tone it down a bit.

I kinda just compared Hank to Favre. I’m not sure he’s going to like that.


Jets Question: If the Mount Rushmore of Jets QB had five players, how would you rank them in order of greatness?

Mount Rushmore should be four, shouldn’t it? That would make the question even more difficult because you obviously have Namath and then three other spots available. Those spots would obviously go to three of Richard Todd, Ken O’Brien, Chad Pennington and Vinny Testaverde. Extending it to five makes the job a lot easier.

Those other four are actually pretty closely matched. They all played between five and ten years with the Jets, all had multiple seasons where they led the team to the postseason and all had some minor playoff successes. I think you can make an argument to put these guys in any order whatsoever, but I’ll go Obie, Vinny, Chad, Todd.

Mark Sanchez, of course, also had some postseason success, but I don’t think he deserves to jump ahead of any of these guys. However, had you asked the same question 12 months ago, his argument would have been stronger (and two years ago, he probably would have made it).

Non-Jets Question: Who put the ‘Bop’ in the “Bop-shoo-bop-shoo-bop”?
(who was that man? ‘Cause I’d like to shake his hand…)

I think it was Terrance Trent-Darby. If not, it was bob.


Jets question: Will Tanner Purdum make the team or will Dalton Freeman who can also play center and is good at long snapping take his place?

I think Purdum will make the team. Teams seem reluctant to change this or get someone who has another role (backup lineman in Freeman’s case) to double-up for whatever reason. However, there could be a roster spot pinch, so maybe it’s a possibility. We’ll see if Freeman gets any reps in preseason.

Non Jets question: Why bent as a nickname?

My initial username on other boards was, which was my band’s old website (now defunct). That got shortened to bentdouble and then bent, which was what I ended up signing on as for TJB.

Ghost On

Jets Question: Looking at our personnel, how much will Mornhinweg and his system improve our offense, if at all? (personally I like the hiring, but expect more of the same results-wise…please make me feel better about our O!)

I don’t think the personnel is that bad – most of the main building blocks are in place. Mornhinweg has usually had good results in the past so that bodes well. However, it comes down to the quarterback position. If the defense is good and the Jets get adequate play from the quarterback (whoever it may be) then they should be much better off than they were last year.

As much as their playcalling was criticized, getting improved execution from the quarterback position was the main area where the last two offensive coordinators failed.

Non-NFL: David Mitchell and Nick Harkaway are my two of my favorite British authors currently writing. I’m a big fan of Gaiman as well. Who else from your island do I absolutely need to check out? (oh, and preferably something written in the last year or two, please)

Robert Newman is fantastic. Nick Hornby is well-respected too.

Part three will be here tomorrow afternoon…