The Buck Stops … Where?

How secure is Sanchez’s hold on the starting job?  While he’s financially stuck to the team throughout the 2013 season, his job status might be less tenable, according to PFT this morning which had a rather interesting nugget on their site today about the Jets starting quarterback spot and what the team’s thinking might, or might not, be.

Sources close to Sanchez believe that the quarterback’s recent contract extension means that Sanchez will be with the team, and in turn be the starter, through 2013 at a minimum. The Jets, we’re told, are somewhat less unequivocal.

Per a source with direct knowledge of the situation, the Jets don’t anticipate benching Sanchez this season. Still, changes to the starting lineup at quarterback and any other position would ultimately be coach Rex Ryan’s decision. If he determines it’s in the best interests of the team to make a change, then he will.

Brian Bassett,

Hmm … it’s hard not to read this and just assume that Mike Tannenbaum has directly leaked this so that he can wash his hands of the quarterback situation.  It’s a total guess on my part, but by assigning Sanchez’s status with the team wholly on Rex, it takes the burden of any fault for decision-making from Tannenbaum.  It bears noting that Tannenbaum is an occasional guest on PFT Live, which makes this scenario even more likely.

The point is, Tannenbaum is likely feeling the heat and starting to put on his asbestos suit …