The TJB 2013 NFL Draft Underclassmen Tracker v1.0

Brian Bassett ,

Normally, I don’t get into draft mode until around the Senior Bowl, but this year is not like most years.  The season isn’t even dead yet and I’m already throwing dirt over the Jets 2012 season’s face.

Just let the dirt shower over you.

Next month, I am planning on attending the first ever NFLPA Collegiate Bowl in Southern California.  The Collegiate Bowl is a new event and while the Senior Bowl showcases (you guessed it) Seniors, the Collegiate Bowl will give a chance for underclassmen to gain greater attention through a game and week of practices to show off their skills to NFL coaches and scouts.

With that in mind, and while it’s not pretty and it’s certainly not complete, here’s a first pass at a spreadsheet I’ve been keeping in the past few weeks to stay updated about underclassmen who have declared for the NFL Draft.

On Monday, I’ll run through the players listed as declared and write a blurb about how they might (or might not) fit with the Jets.

Want to help?  If you have additions (new names w/links as proof!) to the version, PLEASE send them to me via this Google Form and I will work them into the next version, thanks!!