TheJetsBlog Podcast: Draft Day!

Corey Griffin and Brian Bassett are ready for the NFL Draft, and talk all the topics – trading up or trading down, WR’s and QB’s trending up and trending down, plus a quick dive into the Twitter mailbag to answer your questions about what the Jets are going to do at Radio City.

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  • Draft PR Ideas
  • Geno & Vick
  • Trading Up?
  • WRs and QBs
  • Klecko on Coples
  • Offense / Defense
  • Twitter Mailbag
  • What’s the story tomorrow?

Pat d
Pat d

The talk about Dallas drafting Johnny Football seems rediculous if it weren't for Jerry Jones. Didn't they have the worst D in football.


Saw  John Brenkus "science guy" this afternoon  on Numbers Never Lie (ESPN) and he had some interesting things to say about Clowney. Most people have raved about Clowney's speed and size.

The top ten fastest DL at the combine since 2006 averaged only 3 sacks when they got to the NFL. He said that speed isn't the most important factor....

These really fast and big guys have difficulty changing direction...and changing direction is huge in creating sacks. Also the best sack leaders in the NFL averaged 14 sacks their last season in college...Clowney had three. 

On Manziel; Brenkus said that JF averaged  twice as many throws outside the pocket as someone like Michael Vick ever had. So....let's draft him in the top 10....and then ask JF to completely change his game and become a pocket passer ??? ..or worse, keep throwing outside the pocket and end up on the DL.


@Pat d  You are right. And.....the Cowboys have invested a fortune in Romo; so let's keep making sure that our defense allows more points to put even more pressure on Romo and the offense to score. (and draft a player who won't play at all next season).

Makes no sense. 


@jaym  Thanks for posting this; it's a reminder that whatever happens don't always know what you may have until the games start in September. (and that TV "personalities" like Gruden DO NOT know it all !) favorite player.....