TheJetsBlog Podcast: Odds & Ends

Corey Griffin and Brian Bassett cover a range of stuff: moving the NFL Draft, the potential Jets starting lineup, the 2014 schedule, and crowning Calvin Pryor “King of Twitter.”

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  • Intro
  • Moving the NFL Draft?
  • Starting Offense (11:55)
  • Starting Defense (24:15)
  • Schedule Reset (29:00)
  • Calvin Pryor is King of Twitter (35:50)



Nice job pointing out that Stephen Hill is NOT the #2 receiving option on the team. You're correct that Decker is the #1 guy followed by Kerley (or Amaro). The 4th and 5th options at receiver will be either Nelson, Saunders, Evans, Enunwe, or Hill.

You're right that in today's NFL a slot receiver is a legitimate 1st or 2nd receiving option on many teams. Wes Welker is a great example of this.

It would be great if the Jets add (or already drafted) another legitimate weapon on the outside opposite of Decker. It's obvious to most of us that Hill doesn't scare anybody on defense with his shaky hands and poor route running.Maybe this is Hill's year to prove some people wrong about him (like me).......Maybe this is also the year that Vlad and Sanchez make the pro bowl...(rolls eyes)


Thank you Corey for taking the Daily News to task. I've been having a problem myself with PFT deleting my comments that contain no profanity what so ever. I lost my thick skin along the way and I know it's an old bit by now, but dam if we don't have tabloid media coverage pandering to people who don't know the difference between fantasy football and the NFL!