Three Matchups to Watch: Colts @ Jets

Here’s some matchups to keep an eye on in today’s game against the Colts.

3. Shonn Greene versus Colts Linebackers — The Jets have vowed to run the ball more, but one in which they know they need to do and keep saying that they will make good on … and when the Jets run the ball … it’s never much good.  The Colts are slightly better at defending the run than the Texans were, and both represent teams that the Jets should be able to take advantage of, but so far this season we’ve not seen any sense that this running game can break out of their season-long slump.

2. Jets Pass Rush versus Colts Pass Protection — Andrew Luck is getting the ball off surprisingly quick for a rookie and his team is doing a great job of protecting the passer, averaging 5,1% sacks on passing plays, good enough for 8th best in the league.  The Jets have been unable to get anything going with their pass rush most of the season, so if the Jets can’t stop the run and then get after Luck, look for another long day of the passer getting all the time he wants in the pocket.

1. Reggie Wayne versus Antonio Cromartie — So far, Reggie Wayne has been targeted 60 times this season, the most among any wide receiver on any team in the league.  Andrew Luck isn’t afraid to let the ball fly to his top target and they seem to be working well together with two touchdowns and over 500 yards so far this year.  Cromartie could have an up and down day against the Colts, I could see the Cro having some amazing plays, but also being burned by the Colts because he’s willing to gamble — at the least, he should expect to see a lot of passes coming his way today.