Three & Out: Jets at Patriots

Brian Bassett,

Three things to watch tonight in the Jets Week Two matchup with the Patriots:

Shut Down the Run: Both Ryan and Belichick are going to try and control the front, and for Belichick in particular with a rookie quarterback on the field, he is likely going to sell out against the run in an attempt to shut down Powell and Ivory, as well as Geno.  It’s a risky plan, because if Geno can stay calm on long down and distance, he might be able to systematically move the ball against a questionable Patriots secondary.

Focus on Edelman: Julian Edelman is something of the last man standing for the Patriots offense.  With a number of young inexperienced players and a host of injuries to their veteran productive players, Edelman will likely be a focal point for the Patriots offense.  The Jets should do what they can to neutralize him to force Brady elsewhere to targets with which he is less familiar.

Unleash the Beast: Let the Jets defensive line get at Brady right up the middle.  Brady is one of the best quarterbacks at stepping up into the pocket … but if Mo and the defensive line can collapse it from the center point, it will put Brady on the move and reacting to the Jets … just what Ryan wants.