TJB Hall of Fame – The Class of 2014

Before we get fully immersed in pre-camp preparations, let’s take this opportunity to wrap up TJB Hall of Fame week by sharing this year’s tribute articles and giving you one last chance to pay tribute and/or put forward a case for your favorites to be inducted next year.

Following another great collection of tribute articles recognizing great Jets and fan favorites and enabling us to go back and re-live some great moments of the past, we are proud to present your TJB Hall of Fame Class of 2014:

Ken O’Brien
– by Bent
Shaun Ellis
– by Jake Steinberg
Rich Caster
– by Bent
John Schmitt
– by Brian Bassett

There are obviously still plenty of worthy candidates that many of you would like to see selected for a tribute in future. We take a more detailed look after the jump.

In consideration of who may have been overlooked this year – and don’t blame us, because we took on board your comments and the poll results in this year’s selection! – let’s close with a look at who some other sources have ranked as top Jets:

Pro Football Reference: Top five Jets not yet in the TJB Hall of Fame by AV – Dan Alexander, Ralph Baker, Jim Sweeney (Note: Darrelle Revis and Nick Mangold would also be in the top five but neither is eligible yet).

By official NFL stats: All-Pros not in the TJB Hall of Fame (not including active players) – Bob Mischak (2), Bill Mathis, Pat Leahy, Tom Tupa, Art Powell. Multiple time Pro Bowlers not in the TJB Hall of Fame – Verlon Biggs, (3), Mischak, Mathis, Keyshawn Johnson, Erik McMillan, Jim Turner, Alan Faneca, Sherman Plunkett, Dainard Paulson (2 each)

Jets Ring of Honor: Members not yet in the TJB Hall of Fame – None

Jets “Four Decade Team“: Members not yet in the TJB Hall of Fame (not including active players) – Jason Fabini, Sweeney, Greg Buttle, James Hasty, Bill Baird, Bruce Harper, Leahy, Chuck Ramsey.

Certainly some food for thought there and plenty of worthy candidates for discussion next year, although this doesn’t necessarily comprise an exhaustive list of potential inductees.

Here were the previous inductees:

Wayne Chrebet – by Bent
Curtis Martin – by R in CT
Joe Klecko – by Bassett
Dennis Byrd – by Bassett
Al Toon – by Bent
Joe Namath – by R in CT
Larry Grantham – by Bassett
Wesley Walker – by Bent
Mo Lewis – by Angel Navedo
Winston Hill – by Bent
Don Maynard – by R in CT
Matt Snell and Emerson Boozer – by Bassett
The Sack Exchange – by Bent
Aaron Glenn – by Angel Navedo
Freeman McNeil – by R in CT
Marvin Powell – by Bent
Weeb Ewbank – by Andrew Garda
Mickey Shuler – by Jason from OTC
Kevin Mawae – by Angel Navedo
Gerry Philbin and John Elliott – by Bent
Sonny Werblin – by Bent
George Sauer – by Daniel Marcus
Kyle Clifton – by Angel Navedo
Dave Herman – by Jake Steinberg
Joe Fields – by Bassett
Randy Rasmussen – by Bent
Mike Westhoff – by R in CT
Victor Green – by Bent (BONUS: TJB Podcast with Victor)
Lance Mehl – by Brian Bassett

Let’s hear your suggestions for next year in the comments!


Still patiently awaiting the enshrinement of James Dearth ...


I posted on the initial post for TJB HoF week my 2015 suggestion. I guess I'll just copy and re-post my extended rant, which I wrote while slightly inebriated I might add...

He didn't play as a Jet very long, just five seasons. However, he never played for another team. And his impact in those five seasons was dramatic to the Jets and the fans who loved to watch him play. I rarely ever mention him, I just represent him by name. But now, after many years, I'm going to formally call out Darrol Ray as an official candidate for the TJB Hall of Fame.

Now, not to disparage Aaron Glenn in any way -- he played eight seasons and Ray only played five, and Glenn was awesome and deserved his induction. He had 24 interceptions in 121 games (1 every 5 games) and was a force in 1998 when we came oh so close. But let's look at Darrol Ray, who had 21 in just 72 games (1 every 3.5 games), and was a force in 1982 when we came oh so close. And let's look closer at his specialty -- dazzling INT returns. You had to witness them to fully appreciate them. Broken tackles. Hitting the open field. And a nose for the dramatic. Ray's 21 INTs netted 581 return yards. To fully comprehend that, Glenn's 41 career INTs over his 15 year career netted less yards, and his 24 INTs as a Jet netted half that. 

Even further, not included in these numbers is his most famous INT return -- the 98 yard pick-6 against the Bengals in the 1982 playoffs (longest in NFL history) that helped the Jets win their first playoff game in 14 years and get them on the cusp of the Super Bowl (dammit, Todd). It also doesn't spotlight his first game ever as a Jet, when he picked off Bert Jones and later returned a fumble 72 yards for a TD (2nd longest in Jets history). In his last game that rookie year he won player of the week after blocking a FG and returning an INT 71 yards. In his second year he returned two for TDs, and still holds the record for INT return yards in a season (227 that year), highlighted by my (one-time) avatar photo of him running over a desperate diving Phil Simms.

It was a short career, but it was a New York Jets career. He was beloved by his teammates and he was a force in the secondary, and this is my official contribution to get Darrol Ray in the TJB Hall of Fame. 



I'm a bit surprised Sheldon Richardson isn't being given special consideration for this. Sure, he's still an active player, but that's a minor detail. 


Huge omission , the guy who was a Jet Player from 1974 to 1991 Pat Leahy. He deserves. It as much as anyone on here


It is amazing how young you all must be. There are a lot of great players and great Jets in your list above despite years of our team's ineptitude. I begrudge the player who was here for a cup of coffee or on the list in spite of not being great or even the best Jet at his position. And I think the two-name entrants deserved their own place.

Schmidt and O'Brien may deserve entrance at some point. O'Brien for having a career which could have been much better with a better Oline and defense. 

But how Jim Hudson was not even on this year's list amazes me. I assume none of you watched him play.  IMHO, he was the only Jet safety to merit being on the list or even being mentioned. His absence remains a travesty. The fact he is not a nominee is black mark on those who compile the nominees.


Bent moderator


@harlan  We're well aware of how good Hudson is, but the selection process takes into account feedback from our readers.  We cater to a wide range of age groups, so we try to cover all eras with each year's class.  Yes, there are more deserving players from the 60's era which we've acknowledged can create something of an imbalance in the early years but we do intend to recognize players like Hudson down the line (and there are a handful of other players from that era who are also worthy).  That's one of the reasons we grouped Snell/Boozer and Elliot/Philbin get more of those players recognized early on.

"I begrudge the player who was here for a cup of coffee or on the list in spite of not being great or even the best Jet at his position"

Does this really strengthen Hudson's case?  He's arguably the best safety in Jets history in my eyes (but we;ve only put one safety - Victor Green - in ahead of him), but he only played here for six years and in three of those he didn't play much due to injury so he was only really a full-time player from 1966 to 1968.  He actually played less than ANYONE we've selected for the TJB Hall of Fame so far, so your "cup of coffee" comment doesn't make sense.  How do we justify him going in ahead of a player who played twice as many game (or more) and was a multiple time pro bowler, as most of the other enshrinees (and all of the ones from his era) were.

We included Hudson in a DB vote we did in 2012 and he came last out of four contenders.  Of course that's because many of the fans who voted didn't see him play but that's our readership and that's whose views we are representing.


Lamont Jordan was robbed!!!