Transcript: HC Rex Ryan 12/26/12

Opening Statement…

Alright, obviously, going into this game, (there are) no playoffs on the line, winning record, all that stuff is out. But we’re playing a team with a lot of talent. And with that being said, I think you start with the running back, you look at C.J. Spiller, and you guys would know this more than I would, he’s averaging 6.5 yards a carry. I don’t know when the last time that happened, I don’t know how Adrian Peterson’s doing in Minnesota, but I can’t remember a guy averaging, going into the last game of the year, 6.5 yards a carry. So the first week, when he went crazy against us, I guess he’s gone crazy against a lot of people, so obviously (they’re) very talented there. You have the (Stevie) Johnson kid with about 1,000 yards receiving again. So they have some weapons, certainly, on offense. Then on defense, I guess it’s kind of quiet (joking), but Mario Williams has 10.5 sacks, so I think that’s pretty good. Then the (Marcell) Dareus kid, I think has 5.5 sacks and then Kyle Williams has 5.0. So, (they’re) obviously capable up front of putting pressure on the quarterback. And then the (Jairus) Byrd kid, I think has five picks. So with that being said, I think the most impressive part of their team may be their special teams. The Bills are always strong on special teams. I think (Rian) Lindell’s maybe only missed one kick the whole season, which is saying something when you kick half your games in Buffalo where the wind can go crazy. But they’re always strong on special teams and this year’s no different.

On how he keeps the team motivated for Sunday…

Well, I think the big thing about motivation is you have an opportunity to go compete. You’re in the National Football League and obviously, that’s your job. But besides that, it’s more about this is an opportunity for you and, shoot, nothing’s ever guaranteed, whether it’s a player, coach, whatever. For some guys in our locker room, it could be the last game they ever play in the National Football League. The last game they could ever play, you never know. But also, it’s just a chance to compete with your teammates and I think that’s a big thing. It’s about being professional and finishing the year no matter what.

On if he’ll give more of an opportunity to the younger players on Sunday…

We’ll see how it goes, but that’s a possibility. Maybe get another young guy up or two. We’ll see how it goes. I know we’ve had some injuries. I’ll get to (the injury report) with you guys. But somebody like Damon Harrison might be a guy that you play some this week. Muhammad Wilkerson’s not practicing today. I might as well give you all this before I forget. So Muhammad Wilkerson had a concussion and knee, so he won’t practice today. All these players won’t practice, Dustin Keller, ankle, Ellis Lankster, concussion, Chaz Schilens, knee, Aaron Berry, hamstring, LaRon Landry, heel and hamstring. So, all those players will not practice. And the guys that will be limited today will be Braylon Edwards with a knee and hamstring, Bryan Thomas, chest (and) Ricky Sapp, ankle. The following players will be full today, that’s Kenrick Ellis, knee, Mark Sanchez, low back, Matt Slauson, knee, Jeff Cumberland, wrist, Calvin Pace, shoulder, Nick Mangold, shoulder, Bart Scott, toe, Joe McKnight, ankle, Bilal Powell, shoulder, Garret McIntyre, elbow, Nick Folk, mid-back, Brandon Moore, hip (and) foot, Tim Tebow, ribs, Sione Po’uha, low back, Greg McElroy, abdomen and Robert Malone illness. So, all those guys are expected to be full today.

On the pass protection against San Diego…

Obviously, against this team that can really rush the passer, as noted with those three guys, you’ve got to try to stay out of third-and-longer situations, clearly. But it falls on a lot of guys, it wasn’t just the offensive line breaking down, it was blitz pickup, it was possibly the quarterback maybe holding it longer or drops not being as consistent as (they should). There were some routes that were a little off. So I think, overall, it was (a lot of factors), which is not unexpected when you have that many sacks.

On how Wilkerson got a concussion after playing every snap…

That’s interesting because obviously, at the end of the game, that was (when it happened). It was kind of news to me that he has a concussion. Hopefully he’ll be able to play.

On when Wilkerson was tested for a concussion…

I think it was after the game. I’m not 100 percent sure. But I know I wasn’t aware of it until yesterday.

On the Philadelphia team coached by his father, Buddy, that recorded 11 sacks in a game…

I think the record is 12 and I think he was with the Bears, when (Buddy Ryan) had that record. We could use some of that this week ourselves. But no, it’s hard to imagine the only reason I knew it was that after the game, the number kept posting up there. I’m like, ‘Oh my goodness, we’ve given up that many sacks?’ I think we had maybe nine or 10 against (Ben) Roethlisberger one year, it’s probably the most I ever had. But I don’t know how to address it, there are clearly several things that went wrong, and to San Diego’s credit, they were able to get that kind of pressure on the quarterback.

On how much he’s concerned that Wilkerson won’t play on Sunday…

That would be a big concern without question because I think Mo’s one of the best interior linemen in the league. Hopefully, he’ll get that kind of respect when the Pro Bowl voting comes out. Again, forget all that, I’d like for Mo to play but I am concerned with the fact that he can’t practice today.

On if the knee injury is also keeping him out of practice today…

Well, it’s (listed as a) concussion and knee (on the injury report), so I’m not sure. But take your choice, he’s not practicing.

On if Tebow will participate in practice as he normally would…

Well, yeah we’ll see how the week goes, on who’s getting what work and all that stuff. But like I said, in the game, Tim would’ve gone in the game, if I would’ve chosen to have him in the game.

On why he would go back to using Tebow in the Wildcat with the way Jeremy Kerley played on Sunday…

Again, I never said I was definitely going to do that.

On if he was upset that his conversation with Tebow requesting not to play leaked out of the organization…

Again, the conversation I had with Tim will be private.

On someone leaking out the nature of his conversation with Tebow…

Again, there are only two people who know what went on in that conversation. (That) would be Tim and I, at least my conversation with him.

On the possibility of all three quarterbacks being active Sunday…

Well, it’s certainly a possibility and right now, with this injury thing, we might not have that many (players available), so we’ll see how it goes as the week goes on. But it’s a possibility that we can dress all three. We’ve only done that once this year, but it could be less than that. I guess we’ll see how the week goes on.

On who will play Sunday if McElroy can’t play…

If Greg can’t go, I don’t know. That’s going to the what-ifs and everything else. Right now, I’m assuming Greg can go, so that’s how I’ll approach the game right now.

On McElroy’s injury…

Well, it looks like he’s practicing full, so it must not be that serious.

On when McElroy suffered his injury during the game…

I have no idea, but you get sacked 11 times.

On if he was told during the game that McElroy was injured…

No, not at all.

On what he learned about himself as a coach this year…

Well, I guess the big thing, I obviously never expected this type of season. There’s no doubt about that. But I guess, the consistency and all that type of stuff, those are things that you’re always shooting for and the frustrating thing to me is that I think that’s kind of what we’ve been lacking. We haven’t had that consistency. When you look at it on offense, there’s times we do a great job protecting the quarterback, do a great job running the football and then there’s other times when, obviously, the protection issues, especially this last week, I guess you can say it was consistent, but not in a good way. So I think that’s it and just trying to keep everybody focused on what’s in front of them. I know are guys are competing. They’re trying to do their best. But I think that’s kind of been disappointing and it’s certainly not something that I expected, so this is uncharted territory for me.

On the run defense improving with the return of Po’uha…

Yeah, it’s great to have Sione in there and you’re right, early in the season with that back (injury), and that was a thing where I never realized the extent of that (injury) but as he missed several games. Then you had Kenrick miss games on top of that, so it was kind of a snowball effect. But I think we are playing better run defense than we did, obviously, at the beginning of the year. So, I’m encouraged with that. I really like the way Mike DeVito’s playing, I think Mike’s doing a tremendous job and, obviously, you see Muhammad Wilkerson doing this. I’d like to get Quinton Coples to where his run technique improves and all that as well. It’s probably not there on par with DeVito or anybody like that yet, but I see some improvements there as well. Overall, I’ve been happy with how the D-line has progressed during the season.

On the performance of the defense without Revis…

Going into this season, I really thought that we were going to have a terrific defense. I absolutely thought that we would, I think I said a top-five defense, but I expected even better than that. Unfortunately, when he was out, obviously we’d much prefer to play with him, because, obviously, in my opinion, he is the top cornerback in football, but I also like the way some of our other guys have stepped up. I like the way (Antonio) Cromartie has stepped up and really filled that number one role. I think Kyle (Wilson) has done a good job overall playing that number two corner. The third corner, from Isaiah Trufant, to Ellis Lankster (to) (Darrin) Walls, we’re competing at that spot as well. Right now, statistically I saw a thing where we were second in the league in pass defense. I think that’s a big credit to the players that we have, guys stepping up in place of Revis and I also think it speaks volumes of the coaching staff. In particular, (Coach) Dennis Thurman and (Coach) Jim O’Neil have done a terrific job with that back end, and obviously (Coach) Mike Pettine and the job he’s done as well.

On the performance of the offense this season…

I think going into the season, I was really excited. I thought we could do a lot of creative things, including using the Wildcat. I thought the Wildcat would probably be more successful than it’s been. The passing game, that’s kind of been a disappointment this year. When you look at it from a numbers standpoint, I think that’s been an obvious disappointment. There are a lot of factors that go into that though. We talk about the loss of Darrelle Revis, but I also think we see the loss of Santonio Holmes, and some of the fronts that we’re getting, I don’t know if you do that if a Santonio Holmes is out there playing receiver. We’ve had some inconsistencies there (with) who’s been healthy (and) who hasn’t. Dustin Keller, I don’t know how many games he’s been healthy for this year also. There are a lot of things that go into it. The turnovers are probably the biggest thing. It’s something that we stressed from day one that has not gone near as well as I had hoped.

On why he thought the Wildcat would be successful…

I think even with what we did previously here, with Brad Smith, some of those types of things. Also, let’s face it, Tim ran a lot of it in Denver. There were things (where) I thought we would probably have a little more success with (than) what we had. Like I said before, it’s not Tim Tebow’s fault or whatever, it just seems like that’s kind of the way it is. Whether defenses are catching up to it a little bit, I’m not sure.

On Tebow’s ability as a Wildcat quarterback…

He’s a full-time quarterback with running back skills. That’s something that you look at as probably an ideal guy at that spot.

On whether using a small and quick player to run the Wildcat might be more effective…

Certainly, when you look at it from a statistical standpoint, I think that could be true. Now look, there have been some third-and-ones where we’ve just run (Tebow) straight into the line and he’s picked those up. I think that’s been good and the average is not going (to be as high because) you’re doing it for a different reason. I know Buffalo will run a little (bit of the) Wildcat on short-yardage as well. Those are things that maybe from a statistical standpoint don’t jump out, but if he converts the first down, obviously that’s a successful play.

On whether Jeremy Kerley will run the Wildcat at Buffalo…

It’s certainly a possibility and if it’s something that they have to prepare for and I wasn’t going to do it, I wouldn’t say it either.

On players he thinks might make the Pro Bowl…

We have some guys definitely deserving of it. I think Antonio Cromartie, obviously, on defense stands out. I’m hoping that Muhammad Wilkerson gets recognized that way. I’m not sure that he will. Sometimes it seems like it takes a couple years, but clearly those guys have jumped out and I think they’re very deserving. LaRon Landry, I think he’s deserving. On offense, obviously, D’Brickashaw Ferguson has had a great year, a fantastic year. Nick Mangold’s been a staple at that Pro Bowl, and Brandon Moore. If they don’t get on the team, I expect some guys to receive some votes for sure.

On whether he thinks the team can make the playoffs next year without rebuilding it entirely…

First off, really for me to look past this week probably is not really appropriate right now, but maybe next week I’ll be ready to answer it. I have one game left here. We have one game left. That’s where all my attention is going to be and I think that’s what the fans deserve. I can probably give you an answer, but I’d rather dial in to this football team and be able to answer that question next week.


I think fans often get too caught up in the idea of blame and accountability when making judgements about wether to keep coaches and GMs.  Yes, its 100% true that Jerry Reese deserves a good amount of blame for the roster at this point. But at this point, this season and last season and whatever else has happened in the past really doesn't matter.  The only thing that matters in deciding wether to keep Reese is wether or not he's the best guy to lead the rebuilding of this roster.  But all you hear from fans is how he has to go, because its his fault he "has to be held accountable".  

Fans can yap all they want but 99.9999% of fans would have no idea who the other options at GM would even be, let alone how they might compare to Jerry Reese.  That said, how can anyone claim to know that letting Reese go is a good idea?  We have to get passed this idea of simply punishing someone for this season and last season.  You don't fire a guy who might still be the best man for the job just to make a point.  Thats just a stupid way to run a franchise.  

Jeff Comerford
Jeff Comerford

Look - I am not going to say that Reese has been the worst GM - he certainly has had some moments.

But he is the one person singularly responsible for the roster you see today.  Drafting has been erratic.  After drafting Pierre Paul, Reese fell in love with the idea of uncovering nuggets no one else has found. His draft classes - especially mid round - have been huge disappointments, that have led to his recent free agent binge to plug in all of the gaps.  In addition, he is responsible for managing the cap.  The Giants have not had a lot of flexibility in this area and i believe that has hurt them as well.  (Many of the free agent signed this past off season only signed 1 year deals.  That's not helpful for next season)

This team needs an upgrade in talent at Tackle, Guard, another WR, DE, CB and Safety.

Their offensive line is below average (at best).  When we say that Beatty may have been the strongest performer on the line - really is more of an indictment of the performance of the line.  Richburg has played out of position - and has not been solid at Guard.  Jerry is terrible.  Pugh has had a mixed season, and possibly may be best suited for Guard.  There is no depth whatsoever - and all of Reese's mid round picks on Tackles/Guards have not panned out.  Schwartz has been a huge disappointment, and i only hope they understated his injury from training camp - because he was out a long time for a dislocated toe.

WR - fortunately Beckham got healthy at the right time.  Randle is a #3 at best, and Parker has arena league written all over him.  Who knows if Cruz will be able to come back from this injury, and if he does at what level he will be able to perform.  One observation made by John Lynch was that Randle seems to catch better in the middle of the field (off of slants) then on sideline or fly routes.  It seems to be a solid observation.  Perhaps move Randle to slot, sit Parker and have Washington play on outside.

TE - Adequate - with lots of highs and lows.  My guess is Robinson's scholarship ends this year.

Defensive Line - I am not sure how much of this is a product of Fewell's terrible defensive calls, but Kiwi is done, JPP has been erratic - and there is a good chance the Giants may let him go, if he gets a big offer.  Ayers was a find - until he got hurt.Would like to see Moore playing 4 downs, not situational pass rushing.  Hankins has played well - and the rest of the DL are more depth players.  This is a unit that got old, and was not replaced with enough young talent when Tuck and Osi left.

LB - For years the most ignored position on the team.  Finally there is some talent emerging here.  Kennard looks like a find.  Mclaine is solid - and if only Beason could stay healthy.  All other linebackers are filler and could easily be replaced by draft choices or free agents.

DB - Interesting area.  All depth signed seemed to get injured this year.  I am fine with DRC and Prince outside.  Hosley is terrible and needs to be cut.  Thurmond only signed a 1 year deal, so probably we need Corners.  Safety - Not sure that at his cap value that Rolle will be back next season.  I hope Stevie Brown is better next season - he looks like he lost a step.  Demps may have made a few picks this year - but has been beaten up and down the field.

Special Teams - Not big on investing draft choices here - but they have been adequate.

Frank D
Frank D

Our team is not as bad off as we think.  Our real needs are at DE, T, G, and Safety.  We could use a long wide receiver and another good running back for when Jennings inevitably gets injured.  Randle serves a purpose, but I'd prefer a big body possession guy. 

You go into the season with this offense:

HB1- Jennings
HB2- WIlliams
LT-Beatty (need to upgrade soon)



G-Not sure

RT- Pugh

TE- Donnel


WR2-Not sure


This isn't that far off from being REALLY good.  Beckham has shown he's uncoverable.  They key on him every game yet he produces.  Exactly what Cruz needed.  Beckham will take the focus and Cruz will have the luxuries he had when Nicks was producing.  All of a sudden, Donnell gets the middle of the field, and we have an offense that can attack every level.  Reese has made mistakes, but he's building this offense correctly.  

Michael Frias
Michael Frias

I think the biggest curse that has fallen the trio of Eli, TC, and Reese is that we know they can reach the mountain top, as we've seen them do it twice, so every year they don't do it, we look at it as a disappointment.

Just playing Devil's Advocate here, but I'd hazard a bet that if you looked at any team's 7 year draft history, you'd see more misses (or hits that didn't become hits until the original team gave up on them) than hits.

We can play the "Reese drafted this guy, and passed on that guy, who became a Pro Bowler" game all day long, but we can insert any GM's name in that sentence.  I mean, the entire league passed up on guys like Arian Foster, Wes Welker, Tony Romo, and James Harrison.  Imagine the Giants future if they took a 5th round flyer on a guy like Tom Brady in 2000 to backup Kerry Collins?

Every team has draft busts, bad FA signings, overpaid players.  But only one team has won 2 SBs in the past 7 years despite all the poor picks, signings, and overpayments.  The lows have been low (especially these past 2 seasons) but I personally have more faith in the current regime righting the ship than a whole new group of front office personnel and coaches starting a rebuild.


Who Stay's on O



2. QB Ryan Nassib

3. RB R. Jennings

4. RB A. Williams

5. RB ?-----? *** RB- Ray Rice

6. FB H. Hynoski

7. WR Cruuuuz


9. WR Randle

10. WR P. Parker

11. WR Corey Washington

12. WR ?-----? *** FA

13. TE Donnell

14. TE ?-----? ***Draft

15. TE ?-----? ***FA

16. LT Beatty

17. LG Schwarts

18. C RichBurg

19. RG ?-----? ***Draft

20. RT Pugh

21. Back-Up OT ?-----? ***Draft

22. Back-up OG John Jerry

23. Back-Up C ?-----? ***FA

24. Back-Up OT/OG ?-----? ***FA


the DRAFT you site DOESN'T make CENT's !!!???!!!

***Shane Ray is 3-4 OLBer ????? NOT a DE or DT !!!!

***OG-J. Matius - There will be BETTER OG's on the Board....

***DT- Carl Davis is a 2nd Round Pick, he wont make it to the 3rd...

1. DE- Shawn Oakman, 6'8" 285lb's

2. OG- Landon Tuner / OG- Arie Kouandjio ( 'bama... Saban)

3. DT- A. Woods, USC / DT-G. Wright, Auburn


This is my Direction---

1. LT- Cedric Ogbuehi

2. OG- Arie Kouandjio, ('Bama... Saban)

3. TE- Ben Koyack, 6'5", 260lb's, Notre Dame

4. DT- Darren Lake 6'2", 320lb's ('Bama... Saban)


its time to let tc walk off on his own and not embarrass him with termination, bpa in the draft is always the way to go (beckham) no matter the need, drafting for need is a formula for disaster and is fools gold.

Brian Webster
Brian Webster

Your answer on Reese was infuriating. Your assertion that Reese can't be fired because the Giants don't make their personnel decisions until after the Super Bowl which wouldn't give the new GM enough time is ludicrous. If that's the case then you're essentially saying Reese can never be fired then since won't that always be the case?

Reese has the best resume in the NFL & firing him would be biggest head scratcher in years??? I assume that's based almost entirely on the fact that the Giants have won 2 Super Bowls while he's had the title of GM. But the 1st was in his 1st as GM and while he had a good draft that year (his only top to bottom good draft in his tenure) which played a role that team was in no way his outside of those role players. His 2nd Super Bowl they were a good team that got really hot at the right time. While that doesn't negate the championship it certainly illustrates that Reese did not build a great team as further evidenced by how mediocre to bad they've been every other year under his reign.

I don't know how on earth you can say Reese has drafted well the past 2 or 3 years. He's had 1 really good pick and that was OBJ this past draft which was his highest pick he's had & he'd have to be completely incompetent not to hit with something there. Hankins seems like he should be a pretty good rotation player on the DL. Moore has been a 3rd & long situational pass rusher who rarely gets to the QB & a ST player who can block a kick every now & then & the immaturity which is why he dropped in the draft was still on full display last week. Pugh looks like he could be a decent starting quality player on the OL. I don't know what Richburg will be but I know he just got benched for a journeymen a couple weeks ago. And both of those guys have played the majority of the season for a line that's 1 of the worst in football so how great can they really be. Or is it all the other 3 spots fault? Cause Reese brought in all of the guys filling those spots as well. Andre Williams has been atrocious outside of last week which I'm not even going to count given the competition. Yeah Kennard has had a good couple weeks against 2 of the dregs of the NFL. Let's see how he does against a real team before we anoint him as anything special. David Wilson didn't stay healthy which was a major con in drafting a RB his size that early in the draft was his ability to stay healthy. So he doesn't get some sort of pass that oh he couldn't stay healthy it's not Reese's fault no one could've seen that coming. If that wasn't a fear beforehand or if he was injured from something non football related it'd be different but that's not the case in either instance.

Finally let's run down the list of several top FAs that Reese has brought in that have really panned out well. I'll start it: Antrel Rolle... I'm not sure how much deeper we are going after that though.


2010 Class:

Round 1: JPP – Good pick

Round 2: Linval Joseph – Good pick

Round 4: Phillip Dillard – Who?

Round 5: Mitch Petrus – A backup for a couple years

Round 6: Adrian Tracy – god only knows

Round 7: Matt Dodge – Christ, I hate that name.

2009 Class:

Round 1: Hakeem Nicks –Good Pick, helped us win a SB. Had some serious character issues

Round 2: Clint Sintim – A miserable science experiment

Round 2: Will Beatty – Decent lineman, far overpaid currently

Round 3: Ramses Barden – huge disappointment vis a vi advertised talent level

Round 3: Travis Beckum – Second failed science experiment of same draft

Round 4: Andre Brown – Good back, but remember Reese released him before signing him back

Round 5: Rhett Bomar – great flyer on a 3rd string QB

Round 6: Deandre Wright – Good CB in the Arena League

Round 7: Stoney Woodson – Great car salesman, too bad giants can’t change their line of business


Couldnt disagree more re Jerry Reese. Look at these Drafts 2009-2012 and ask yourself again why Giants arent good.

2012 Class:

Round 1: David Wilson – retired

Round 2: Rueben Randle –underperformed

Round 3: Jayron Hosley – awful not NFL caliber

Round 4: Adrien Robinson – Never saw field

Round 4: Brandon Mosley -Never saw field

Round 6: Matt McCants – Never saw field

Round 7: Markus Kuhn – may be the best value of the class

2011 Class:

Round 1: Prince – Average starting NFL corner

Round 2: Marvin Austin – Never saw field

Round 3: Jerrel Jernigan – Never could get it together, undersized

Round 4: James Brewer – Career backup

Round 5 – Traded for sage Rosenfels and Darius Reynaud (poor move)

Round 6: Chad Jones – never saw a practice

Round 6: Jacquain Williams –Clearly best player in draft class

Round 6: Tyler Sash – poor back-up safety

Round 7: Da’Rel Scott – Undersized never showed anything

Frank D
Frank D

@Skookaloop Shane Ray projects as a 4-3 DE, with 3-4 rush instincts.  That's not supposed to be looked at as a negative.  



...So CUT TC this Year, get a NEW HC....

Give REESE HOW Many More Year's ???

1 Year, to make the Play-Off's ???

So, 2014 New OC...

2015 New HC & DC ???....

2016 New GM ???

........... Forever Re-Building.....

ELI doesn't have that KINDA TIME !!!




WR- Rueben Randle, Development was Set-Back,

by the Lack of a O-Line & Running Game....

but Randle is the PERFECT #3 WR for ELI...

Randle was a " 1st Rounder " who slipped to the LAST Pick,

in the 2nd ROUND....

2013 WR- Randle 611yds , 6 TD's....

2014 WR- Randle 618yds , 2 TD's... (only 13 Games)

WR- Randles Sal #- $611,000 = COST EFFECTIVE....


meaning he could Start on a DOZEN other teams EZ....

BTW, Chad Jonse was a 3rd ROUND (#12) PICK....

Vinny Rapisardi
Vinny Rapisardi

@dobo1925 Prince is much better than average. One of the best corners in the league against the run. You can't do anything about David Wilson, we never know what we could have gotten from him. Many of the guys who "never saw the field" weren't given the opportunity to by the coaching staff. Injuries have crippled many of his draft picks. Pugh, Hankins and Moore have all shown to be solid draft picks in their young careers. This past season's draft has been very effective. Beckham may be the best drafted player in all of the 2014 draft so far. Kennard has been outstanding(NFC defensive player of the week) and Richburg has been a solid starter and the future at the center position. With a better offensive line Andre Williams is a feared down-hill runner. Finally, this upcoming draft Reese can finally have a top 10 draft choice where its much easier to draft an impact player that can produce NOW. Don't give up on Jerry Reese. Another good draft this upcoming year with a few free agent pickups and we could see a playoff-caliber team next season.


@Skookaloop @dobo1925 Who's problem was the weak offensive line? See a lot of draft picks up there, but not a lot of talent from 2009-2012

Brian Webster
Brian Webster

With David Wilson's size as a RB his ability to stay healthy in the NFL was a big question mark coming out of college so Reese doesn't get a pass for reaching for him in the 1st Rd and him getting hurt. Moore has not yet shown himself to be a solid pick still relegated to 3rd & long pass rush only situations where he hasn't gotten many sacks & special teams and his immaturity which tumbled him in the draft reared it's ugly head still just last week. I also wouldn't say Richburg has proved himself a solid starter. He was just benched a few weeks ago for a journeyman. Plus him & Pugh have been 2/5ths of 1 of the worst OLs for the majority of this season so how good can they both be. It can't all be the other 3 guys fault. Also Andre Williams isn't feared by anyone. He & Jennings have run behind the same OL & the difference has been night & day between the 2 outside of last week which I barely count given the state of the competition. Speaking of which while Kennard has played very well thus far it's only been 2 games against perhaps the 2 worst teams in the entire league. So let's see how he fares against some actual NFL caliber competition before we get too excited.


@Vinny Rapisardi @dobo1925 No one is going to make an arguement that Prince can cover a #1 receiver, even Jerry Reese. That is why he blew the budget on DRC. Prince is a GOOD #2, thats it. If you are a good number 2, since most teams start or play robustly corners that puts you in the Average range among starters. He may be a #1 on some teams, while he may not be a top two on some others. He is above average across all CBs, but average as a starter.

Further, this is a team that needs to be blown up. It is old and slow. The defense is amongst the worst in the league and in need of a full overhaul. The OL is below average. This team needs the 2015 Draft and the 2016 Draft and then maybe something. It would be best to hire a new GM before we draft another Clint Sintim or Travis Beckum.


@dobo1925 @Skookaloop

... my mistake... i was unclear....

besides, WR- Randle -- CB- Prince -- S- Chad Jones,

... i agree with YOU on 95% of EVERYTHING Else....


@Skookaloop @dobo1925 I just feel like Randle is a mental midget. I just have the vision of him running wrong routes against the Bears last year leading to at least 2 picks in one games and im sure if i thought hard enough, i could pinpoint a bunch more.


@dobo1925 @Skookaloop


in 2013, with the Poor O-Line & Zero RB's,

in OC KillDrives , Read/ React, WR Route Offense,

WR Randle DIDN'T Read the D,

the same way ELI read the D....

thus, INT's (around 7) where the Result....

I DON'T think Randle was a FIT in OC KillDrives O-System....

But With New OC McAdoo & a NEW SYSTEM,

a System where the WR's run Specific routes,

WR Randle could Excel at the #3 WR Spot,

behind WR-Cruz & WR-ODB....

2013 600yds+ , 6 TD's

2014 600yds+ 2TD's (13 games)

.... are GREAT #'s for a #3.....