Transcript: QB Michael Vick 3/21/14

On if he’ll have an opportunity to start…

As of right now I’m planning to come in and compete with Geno [Smith]. I’ll push him as hard as I can, push him to be the best. Try to become the best that I can be. Most importantly, learn the new intricacies of the offense and what Marty [Mornhinweg] has in store as far as what I don’t know and what I haven’t learned. For me it’s all about competing right now and trying to bring the best out of the other quarterbacks.

On what made the Jets an attractive destination…

Well, I thought it was a great opportunity to come in and compete [and] push Geno, who I have a great friendship and relationship with. Help him to become the quarterback that we all want him to become. And also to myself, to be back in the position where I may have an opportunity to play at some point. And get back with my coach, Coach Mornhinweg, who I have great rapport with and a great understanding with, as far as his offensive concepts. I didn’t have to go far. I always wanted to play for Rex Ryan and I got my opportunity.

On if he would be okay sitting on the bench all year…

You know, I mean I wouldn’t say I would necessarily be okay with sitting on the bench all year. But I know what I signed up for. I know what I came to New York to do. First and foremost I came to compete and be a helping hand for Geno, and he has a long way to go. We both talked. We both agreed we’re going to push one another and make each other better. So whatever happens, happens. And I know what I signed up for. At the end of the day I’ll be content with it.

On how long he’s known Smith…

I’ve known Geno since he’s come out of school last year and entered the NFL draft. We had an open conversation about what to expect coming into the NFL, helping him to choose an agent and decide on things he could do to further his future. I just gave him my little bit of advice, but from that point on we’ve maintained a friendship.

On how much he thinks he has left…

A lot. I have a lot left. It’s evident [with] what I was able to do last year. I got injured and Nick Foles came in and played great. That was the reason I was sidelined, it wasn’t because of my play or because I didn’t have anything left in the tank.

On if other teams were interested…

It was a couple other teams, but I choose not to talk about them right now, that’s irrelevant. I’m a Jet and that’s what’s most important. So, I want to talk about what’s in front of me and move forward.

On how he feels about Jets fans that are concerned with his past…

I’m a Jet and I appreciate all the Jets fans who appreciate me and accept for who I am and what I’ve become, not for what I’ve done. I think right now my past is irrelevant. We’re talking about football, not the things that transpired off the field.

On what the biggest factor in choosing the Jets was…

I think having the chance to play for Rex Ryan and Coach Mornhinweg here. I’ve had some great years with Marty. We’ve sat and talked about it today and things that could have been and should have been. If I had an opportunity to go out there and play for him again I always told myself I would. So I didn’t have to go far. This is my first time playing in AFC. I always wanted to play in the AFC and I thought this was the perfect opportunity.

On having an opportunity to compete for the starting job…

Well, anywhere I go, or any team, I’m always going to compete for the number one spot. And I will encourage any other quarterback behind me or in front of me to always compete for their job, for the number one spot. That’s how champions are made. That’s all I know. And having to go through several quarterback competitions, several quarterback battles, we all wanted to be there for one another, but we all wanted to be the man. That’s what helps you keep that edge. That’s what helps you maintain the level of competitiveness that you have to have in this league. It’s all about pushing one another, trying to be the best that you can be. And I love competition. I love the game of football, and still I feel like I have a lot of football left to play.

On if Smith can still develop if he is not the starter…

Absolutely. Geno is a young quarterback and I think experience is the best teacher. And it won’t just be experiences on the playing field. We have to develop good study habits. We have to develop good training habits and be the best that we can be in regards to our relationship to Marty and understanding what he wants. So I think being out there and having the experience is the best teacher, but I’ve also been a guy who had to sit around and wait, in college and when I first came into the NFL, it was very beneficial. But we don’t know if that’s going to be the case. We just want to win football games.

On if he has a legitimate chance to be the starter…

I think it’s open competition every day. I think there’s going to be competition and we’re going to compete every day, push one another. If I was named the starter right now, I would want the guy behind me to push me and for his mindset to be that he was the starter. Absolutely, we’re going to compete every day. As of right now, Geno is the starting quarterback for this football team. From this point on we are just going to continue to compete each and every day.

On not having issues in Philadelphia after Foles was named the starter last season…

I just felt like at the age of 33, acting in an irate manner because of someone’s success just wasn’t the way to be [and] wouldn’t be tolerable. First off, I have too much respect for that organization to [show] any type of disrespect for Jeffrey Lurie [Eagles Chairman and CEO], Howie Roseman [Eagles General Manager], Chip Kelly [Eagles Head Coach], and the entire Eagles organization [and] the fan base. I had too much respect for them to behave in such a manner. I just felt if I could be the example for other guys around the league, because it could happen to them, [show] them how to react when things don’t go your way, and then I just wanted to be a living example of that. I don’t have one ounce of hate in my blood. For all we went through in Philly for the last two or three years, not winning, and the only thing I wanted to do was win. I would have been even happier if we would have won the Super Bowl. That would be one ring under my belt.

On if he envisions himself as the opening day starting quarterback…

You know, I can’t say right now. It’s so farfetched to say I could envision myself as starter because I don’t know what Marty has installed in his offense. I don’t know what’s new. I don’t know if the old concepts still exist. I’ve just got to get a feel for everything again. I have to also compete with myself every day to be the best that I can be and bring out the best in myself. That is what is important right now. I need to get my mindset up to be the best practice player I can be. I’ll worry about the games when they come.

On not coming to New York to be a backup…

I came to New York to play football. That’s what I came to New York to do. I came to New York to play football. As long as I have a uniform on, I’m good.

On the possibility of the Jets acquiring WR DeSean Jackson…

I think DeSean has to handle his own business in his own personal manner and I have to handle mine. But if there’s an opportunity to get DeSean, I’m pretty sure the New York Jets fans would be in favor of that. But who knows, it takes a lot to make a trade happen [with] all of the intricacies of a contract. It’s not for us as players to decide. But hopefully everything will work out for DeSean. If he ends up in New York, we’ll be happy, just as happy as he will be. But who knows, you can’t say.

On how he is different compared to when he first came in the league…

When I first came into the league I was young, just like any other young guy. I come from a different background from most guys, so things were kind of spicy for me. I had a tendency not to listen and kind of did things my own way, but at the same time understood that playing football was the most important thing. And I stayed productive in doing that. Could I have maximized my potential even more? Yeah, but I was still able to lead my team to a playoff win against Green Bay and to the NFC championship game in 2004. So I’ve learned a lot of lessons throughout time. If I could have done it all over again, would I? Yeah, I would. And I’m pretty sure we all could say the same thing in that regard. But I’m just accepting where I’m at now, thanking God that I still have an opportunity to play. Thanking God that my body is still in tip-top condition to move and be able to do the things I’ve done the last couple of years. And hopefully I’m able to play some more football, and I think I will be able to.

On he knew he’d sign with the Jets when he came in for his visit…

I didn’t know if I was going to sign. I was planning on taking another visit next weekend. But I walked into the building and it was jaw dropping from the time I walked in. I had a chance to meet with Rex. Rex kind of took the cake. It was on from there. You want to be in an environment where you are around good people and where they care. They care about winning and they care about players. It’s a family oriented environment and it’s all about us. That’s where I want to be. That’s where I’m comfortable. I was comfortable when I was leaving. I told them we can get it done right now and we got it done.

On not returning to Philadelphia…

You know, returning to the Eagles would have been tough. Nick played out of his mind last year. There was nothing I can do about that. Even though I love Chip Kelly as a coach, as a man, as a person. I would have loved to have come back, but I think Coach Kelly wanted me to go out and pursue my opportunities as much as I did. We spoke briefly, and he wanted better things for me. And we all know that Nick deserves to the starter for that team. I just feel if I’ve have to go somewhere and compete and put myself in the same position I was in last year, then I don’t mind. It brings out the best in me and I’ve learned that competing in mini-camp and OTAs and training camp can prepare you for the season. It’s good to get in the mindset early and it only helps you long term.

On if he has spoken with Smith about who will wear number seven…

Yeah, Geno is going to wear number seven. I’m changing my number.

On what he is changing his number to…

It’s undecided. Who knows? I’m going to come up with something within the next week.

On the potential to hit the free agent market next year if he has good season…

Who knows? I hate to get the cart before the horse. My thing right now is to go out and play some good football. If my number is called, I’ve got to be productive and I’ve got to stay healthy. That’s the only way teams are going to want you in this league. I feel like I can always be a valuable guy that can substitute with somebody if need be. But I have to make sure that I maintain my integrity of being the best quarterback that I can be, and the hard work and the effort to be the best that I can be. That’s what’s most important.


He definitely said the right things.  @Bent , can you guys write an article about the potential impact Vick can have as a wildcat QB for the Jets?

Freddough Jean
Freddough Jean

Vick is gonna make revis pay trust me. I feel it


Who conducted the interview? They asked him how he felt about not being the starter six different times in slightly ways. I realize it's the most pertinent question to ask, but come on. At least they only asked him about the dog fighting only once.


Looks like the Jets took my advice. I said yesterday if they sign Vick they should tell him here's your clipboard and your #17 Jersey. Unless something crazy happens, Geno's the starter. Vick didn't say anything to lead me to believe to otherwise. On fat it sounds like he went out of his way to say he's the backup.


Good for him. He's served his time and is back in society and deserves a chance to move on. Our society is not based on being punished endlessly even after you've 'paid your debt'.


He said all the right things. If a lefty wins the QB job, does the Right Tackle's job get a lot harder?


Lol. I'm sure Revis is losing sleep already.


@joemustgo  They New York media? You've seen Rex Ryan press conferences, right? I didn't actually see this one, but usually the actual questions (instead of the 'On...' paraphrasing we get in the transcripts) are even worse. It's leading questions designed to get the target to slip up and say something he doesn't really mean, so that they can criticize him for it. And if he doesn't fall for the bait, they just keep asking the question to see if he slips up.  Notice how they went from "Will you have an opportunity to start." to "Do you envision yourself to be the starting QB." It's all there to try to force him to say yes he's starting.


Lol you want Geno to lead the jets this year? Ok


Edit: in fact it sounds...

Stupid phone

Bent moderator


Great question.

With Tebow the Jets didn't swap the tackles over so Hunter was protecting the blindside.  

Looks like they didn't in Philly either, so Lane Johnson (the rookie) was protecting the blindside.  I'd have assumed they gave him additional help, but a quick look at his splits shows that his numbers and grades were a lot worse with Vick as the QB.  

Will have to investigate further when I write my BGA on Monday.